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Video: Crackle Embossing Technique with Amber

Hello everyone, Amber here sharing a crackle embossing technique using water. Surprise your special someone. Tell them you love them without an occasion such as Valentine's Day. YouTube Tutorial | Crackle Embossing Technique This video shares all the details to recreate a crackle embossing technique. Watch here or in HD on the WOW! Embossing Powder YouTube channel . WOW! Embossing Powders This crackle embossing effect was created with Love Is a Drug translucent powder from The Ferry Man Trio. In order to ensure it wasn't a fluke, I created a second set of cards with Copacabana (retired) translucent powder. It worked beautifully. Heat Embossing with Water This is such a quick and simple technique and if you've never seen it before you're going to love it, First, I wet a squirrel hair mop brush with water and swiped it over smooth hot press watercolor paper to create a block of brush strokes. The pattern looks best when some white space is

Guest Designer | Daniel West Embossing a Full Panel with Skylight

Hey there!! Daniel West, here again from Del & Artie with another love-inspired project with WOW! Embossing Powders. I have featured my favorite powders this month and today I continue in the same vein with Skylight. This powder comes in a Trio called Bundled Up, inspired by Catherine Pooler's spa collection inks: Skylight, Sage and Peppermint Scrub. I had no plan when I started this card. I enjoy making cards with detailed sketches, but sometimes, I like to throw caution to the wind and see where I end up. First, I ink blended a panel of cardstock with Catherine Pooler Inks: Eucalyptus , Skylight , Daydream and Queen for a Day . Next, I spritzed it with water and let the inks react and dry again. Then, I used the Lava Lamp Cover Plate Die to create a die cut design for behind the birds. This cover plate die is being released the morning of this post's publishing at 9AM Eastern Time as part of Catherine Pooler's "In the Kitchen Collection."

Layered Embossed Hearts ATC's by Jaine

I know I'm a bit of a rebel and have been known on...let's say...more than one or two occasions, to go totally againsed the rules, but this time I think the results are worth it! At my workshops I'm always saying, the rules are there to be broken and for those of us with challenging and enquiring minds we can achieve some wonderful things. On this occasion I was experimenting with layers of embossing powders and decided to push it as far as I could take it by over heating and blending powders into one another. One of the basic rules of heat embossing is to not over heat your work for fear of it splitting and separating out the oils and colours. Letting one colour melt into another is very satisfying indeed. For this project I found that you really need a sturdy piece of plain card, watercolour or mixed media card is good otherwise it'll start to bend and buckle under the layers. I also discovered that to help me achieve a deeper first layer I could use a brand new