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Black and White

Hi! I thought I would do a really simply, but dramatic card with black and white. It came together really quickly and looks pretty good! I used black cardstock for the base and added a pretty piece of black and white patterned paper.  I used the Suzy West "Gratitude" stamp set along with the WOW Opaque Bright White and Suzy West rBay Area Blue powders. The patterned paper had little teeny blue flowers on it, if you look closely you can see them, I used an embossing pen and used the blue powder on them! The white powder on the black just gives a really clean look and pops off the page! This little card was really quick so it would be great for something that you needed multiples of! Pull out your dark paper and use some lighter powders, we'd love to see what you create!!! Thanks for stopping by, be sure to check back tomorrow for more inspiration!!!

A Little Spider! by Jamie Cripps

Good Morning WOW fans!  Jamie here with you and to day I am sharing a fun and easy tutorial for creating your very own spiders just like these... Supplies: Embossing Powders: Ebony Regular (WOW Embossing Powders) Presidio Purple, Berrylicious by Suzy West (WOW Embossing Powders) Adhesive: V2 Adhesive Spray and Gemstone Glue (Helmar) Other: Black Wire, Styrofoam ball, Google Eyes   Tutorial Steps: Spray a small styrofoam ball with V2 Vellum Adhsive Spray Place a toothpick in the styrofoam ball and then cover with Ebony embossing powder.  Remove the excess powder. Combine a little of Presidio Purple and Berrylicious embossing powders together and shake.  Then cover the ball with the mixture. Remove excess powder and then use a heat gun to set the powders.  Note: The styrofoam will melt and shape under the heat, take caution when setting. Cut eight black wires to 1-1/2" for the legs. Insert four legs on one side... Insert the remaining four wires on the opposite side. Use Gemstone G

Steampunk Wall Hanging

Jen Matott here to share a Steampunk-themed project that started out as a card front and emerged into a wall hanging because I just couldn't stop myself from adding more and more!  I started with a shipboard base and used modeling paste through a Prima gear stencil.   I used Basically Bare's gears in chipboard and cardboard and applied VersaMark to them and added the metallic powders in Ultra High Gold and Regular Silver and Regular Copper.  These powders create such an amazing metallic surface that it appears to be real metal!  I also stamped a wing onto a wing chipboard piece and embossed the felt key with silver powder!  It gives it a very shimmery and flocked appearance!  The dressform is also Basically Bare and I peeled away the top layer and stamped VersaMark again to the raised areas and embossed Ultra High Gold and Regular Copper. Here you can see that while the Ultra High Gold was wet, I added a bit of Black Glint to mix in.  Gives it an aged look don't you think?

Create your own easy Pin Stripes

Hi everyone! Amy Prior here today to share a fabulous and easy little tutorial on how to make your own Pin Striped backgrounds. Best thing about stripes is they never seem to go out of fashion!!!! Today I am going to create a card and although I am starting off with this amazing fun 6x6 paper from Prima, I am actually going to create my own background using this baby as a base. First off you will need some Double Sided Tape in any size you like. I decided to use 3 different sizes here.  Rip off pieces of the Double Sided Tape and place them on your page to make stripes. You can do them as close or as far apart as you like and you can do any pattern you like if you are using more than 1 thickness.  Once the Double Sided Tape is all adhered, trim off the excess using your craft knife or a pair of scissors. I found this step easier by flipping it all upside down and using my craft knife carefully. Next step of course is to remove the backing off the tape. My girls helped with this part LO

.:How to make your own resist:.

Hi everyone! Katarina here with todays tips and trix :) Don´t you just love all of those pretty resist papers showing up everywhere right now? Well I do.. but I love the fact that I actually can make the resist myself using the Wow Embossing powders.... check out this short video and learn different ways how to.. Thank you so much checking it out :) //Katarina

Back to Basics - Embossing Party Items, Tag Sets, Cards, Hair Bands and Home Décor

Hello, friends! For most of us in the US, it’s time for students to go back to school. To me, the “Back to School” season reminds me of fresh paper, freshly sharpened pencils, A-B-C’s and 1-2-3's.  The basics really…that make us remember a simpler time. This month, we continue with an amazing designer showcase from the ever-so-talented, Erika Taylor. Following her inspiration, the team of designers from “7 Girls & a Smoking Gun” will be bringing you amazing projects using “the basics”. ERIKA TAYLOR Designer Showcase As luck would have it, Erika was next in line to showcase her talent. She is a mixed media artist and oozes talent. Erika’s projects, for those of you that are beginners in crafting, is inspiring and something to reach for as you learn how to apply multiple techniques. You can start by learning the basic techniques that follow this project, and you can literally layer the methods and powders for a similarly stunning effect. Erika say’s this project was a labor of lo