Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kim Dellow Guest Post - Safe Keeping

Hi everyone, Kim Dellow here with a guest post and I'm excited to share my 3D WOW! Embossing Powder project with you all here on the WOW! Embossing Powder blog.

My 3D project is an altered matchbox that I've called 'Safe Keeping'.

The little heart is made from Melt It! which I've recently reviewed over at my blog. I've also used Pearlescent Gold Satin Pearl embossing powder and a Melting Pot. 

First, I melted some Melt It! on its own and added some red seed beads, poured it out and cut with a heart-shaped cookie cutter. Then, I melted the gold powder with some Melt It! to make another heart. When both hearts were cool, I stuck them back to back to get that lovely depth to the heart.

I covered the matchbox with papers and a bit of packaging then added some more WOW! Embossing Powder, in layers, with a glue stick. The colours I used were Earthtone Honey, Earthtone Paprika and a touch of  the Pearlescent Gold Satin Pearl.

Thanks for having me over at the WOW! Embossing Powder blog today, it has been really fun to be able to share with you all. 

Have a creative day.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Cute Little Birdhouse

We've got babies! Zebra finch babies that is!
They are still half naked but really cute! When they are being fed by mama or papa bird the make a lot of noise in our back yard aviary.

These cute little baby birds inspired me to create this cute little baby bird house.

I first stamped the plain wood bird house with Versamark and Funky Border Strips Stamp Set and Canvas Clear Stamp. I used a brush to add Versamark at the bottom of the bird house. Then I embossed the stamped areas with Pepper, Honey, Evergreen and Olive.

The little wood veneer birdies are embossed with Burgundy Red and Paprika,
After embossing I sprayed the house with Glimmer Mist and then embellished it with Prima flowers adn a crystal heart.

Thank you for stopping by today!
Looks like spring is finally here, make sure to enjoy it!

Happy crafting!
Birgit Koopsen

Monday, 27 May 2013

Favour Box

Hi everyone, it's Sarah here with a project that I have made for this months Wow challenge; 3D I decided to make a favour box using my favourite Wow! stamp...

I stamped the Wow! Vintage Wallpaper onto the flat favour box and covered it with Primary Ebony Embossing Powder. I then used a dry paintbrush to remove the embossing powder from the sides of the favour box. Once made up, I decorated with ribbon and printed a little tag with the guest name. A really simple but stylish way of decorating favour boxes.

Why don't you join in with this month's challenge? Head over to to enter your creation.
Happy crafting! :)

Friday, 24 May 2013

How to use Melt it Powder to add 3D to your projects.

Hello and nice to see you here at WOW Embossing Powders...  Donna here tonight to share a tutorial on how to make your own Dew Drops using WOW Melt It Powders.  I must warn you that this is VERY ADDICTIVE and once you start you will want to make some of every colour.

Before we start...   Can I please point out that I don't own a melting pot and I use my heat gun.  If you are going to have a try at this can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be very CAREFUL!  The melt it powder  is VERY HOT and it will BURN!   Please have a bowl of water handle just in case, to pop you hand in straight away. It is just a friendly warning,  using heating  tool of any form can burn and its good to be on the safe side. 

Right time to get started,  I hope you have made a nice cuppa because there is a few photos :-)


You will need Melt it powder, any Regular coloured powder ( I have used Metallic Copper), Heat proof non stick craft mat, mixer( kebab sticks are great for this) pliers to hold tart foil container.

Mix a teaspoon of melt it powder with 1/5 teaspoon ( just a little bit)
of the regular colour powder of choice 
Mix these very well 
Make a spout at one end of for tart foil tin for pouring. 
Take pliers and attach to opposite end from spout. 
Hold up high enough for you to place your heat gun under the tin and start to heat the melt art. 
keep the heat on the underside of the tin.  If you do it from above while 
there is still powder it will blow away 
Once it is completely melted you can bring the heat gun
 to the top and push liquid towards the spout.
pour out gently moving along to create your drops

As the melt it starts to cool off it will be harder to create perfect round ones.
  Don't worry there is no waste. 
Just pick up the odd shaped ones and place back into tin, reheat 
and pour :-)

My favourite ones to make are clear ones as  they go on any project. 
 I have some to show you here with the copper ones I just made. 
Once cooled (which is only a few seconds) push lightly with your finger and they will 
come away easily from the craft sheet.  
Now you are ready to start adding some 3D by applying them to your projects.
Hope you enjoyed my wee share , Have fun and please remember to BE CAREFUL!  xox Donna

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Life is beautiful (even in 3d recycling )

Hello my dear crafty friends!
Irit is here and this time with my new recycled 3d project.

This altered project was just a wooden base with a hole that I found at home, a 10 cent kids plastic magnifying glass and a fantastic A2Z Scraplets title (it's the little things). From all of those I made  this lovely altered art piece, but it couldn't  be done without those gorgeous WOW! Embossing Powders  that  I used over it.

The wooden base was covered with Glitz paper layers . The title was inked, clear embossed with Clear  Gloss Regular  embossing  powder , layer after layer to make it glossy and glass look and then I made a random stamping over it.

Wow embossing  Metallic Copper powder was  the main coverage of the plastic glass. Easy to make : just add some Watermark embossing ink randomly over it , spread the powder and heat it. Nothing happens to plastic, believe me.  Then I added some Tim Holtz Picket fence  crackled paint  over my
embossed Copper powder and  Pastel Blue embossing powder over it while the paint was still  wet.

The 7 Gypsies silver spoon was coloured into the copper colour   with alcohol ink and I added this Tim Holtz sticker to say that small things Create Life.

The background wings were molded and casted with clear embossing powder (as I am a Dentist, molding paste is on my  non crafting table all the time, so I just used it) and I added Blue Blast  embossing  glitter inside the clear powder casting. The white chipboards from Tando Creative were painted and glittered with Clear  Sparkle  embossing glitter  to make the front wings, the bird was also painted  white and heat embossed with  Opaque  Bright White Regular  embossing powder , then  painted over it with some blue paint, as well as Prima pink flower arrangement.. I covered the square base with wood grain washi tape  and  I added this Glitz Life is Beautiful sticker on the front.
As my final touch the brass owl from Handmade Halo was added for the life wisdom and I also connected a 7 Gypsies charm to the spoon. To keep this title in the up right position I used 3 kitchen tooth picks and a lot of hot glue.
So now it's your turn to take our challenge: make your own 3d project with WOW! Embossing Powders products (at least one, please) and you can win some gorgeous prizes! Go for it! It's so easy to win once you try!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

My 3d project...

Hi there everyone in blogging land... Nikki here to share a little 3d project with you all.
I decided that my 3d project would also be a bit of altered art - really love using my fabby WOW! powders for altered art - every time you play with them you find amazing new looks to achieve and new ways of using them.
My project this time started it's life as an empty little box that once upon a time was filled with chocs...

 I covered it with a layer of acrylic paint and then some paper.
Then the fun bit....
I mixed together lots of different powders - Halloween Regular, Mint Regular, Olive Regular, Paprika Regular, Ruby Romance Embossing Glitter, Brass Sparkle Embossing Glitter, Metallic Copper Regular, Gold Rich Super Fine, Green Regular, Pearl Gold Sparkle and Clear Regular.
This is what it looked like.... (when you are mixing powders for a project like this one, make sure you mix enough for the whole project).
 This is the box when it was finished. You can see that I covered my embellishments with the same powder mix too.
 The powder that was left was melted down and poured into moulds to make the centre of the flower. I used the Daisy mould but there are lots of yummy moulds to play with over on the site.
 Here is a little close up for you....

We would love to see your 3d projects this month - what have you been getting up to?
Remember to share the link with us so that we can pop on over and visit your blog too x
Happy crafting

Nikki x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

3D Project - Bracelet with Embossing Powder inset

Hi again, Chris here with this month's theme a "3D project".

I chose to alter an old bracelet that I had lurking in my broken jewellery box and make it into something wearable again and unique. 

The bracelet had lost it's inserts so I melted some Seafoam White, Clear and Pastel Blue Embossing powders in a Melt Pot and mixed them together with a silicone spatula.  Once mixed I poured the melted powders into the spaces where the jewels had fallen out. Once the powders had cooled, I then re-heated the top of each section with a WoW Heat Gun and dropped on some coloured  Guilding Flakes to decorate the melted powders. 

Once cooled I added some 3D Gloss Varnish which sealed in the Guilding Flakes and also hardened to a lovely glossy shine.

 Hey presto - a new bracelet to wear out on those special occasions. Off to look around the house now to see what else I can make usable again or alter and recycle.  

Products used :  WoW Heat Gun
                          Seafoam White Embossing Powder
                          Pastel Blue

Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Change is Verdi good!

Hi Everyone
Sue Here

3D project I pondered.  I was thinking really hard and giving myself a headache (not difficult) and I decided to have a mooch in my crafty stash and I came up with this......................... a fab new keyring and cufflinks.  The cufflinks I got from a car boot sale for 20 pence!  Not lookin' too good just plain metal..........

  • Firstly I rolled them in Versamark.
  • Then dipped them in Verdigris Embossing powder.
  • Then sponged them with Walnut Stain Distress Ink to give them a 'shabby' look.
  • I then sealed them with medium so the embossing did not come off.

Voila my new keyring and cufflinks.  Take Care...........................Sue

Friday, 10 May 2013

Ornamental Top Hat

Hi there, Rachel here with my project for this month's fabulous 3D Challenge.
I decided to craft a Top Hat and decorate it with some yummy flowers made using embossing powders.

The hat was created using plain black card that had been stamped with the Brocade Clear Stamp and embossed with Clear Super Fine Embossing Powder.

For the flower embellishments I mixed the new Melt It! powder with Silver Pearl E/P (the light ones) and also added a pinch of Ebony E/P to the mix to create the darker ones. I melted the powders in foil cake trays and poured them into silicone molds - aren't they just divine?

Well I hope you like my project this month and please keep stopping by to see all the other wonderful ideas from our Design Team and don't forget to join in our Challenge to have the chance to win some of our lovely powders.

Have a great crafty month,

Rachel x

Products used:
Brocade Clear Stamp
Clear Super Fine Embossing Powder
Melt It! powder
Silver Pearl Embossing Powder
Ebony Embossing Powder

Thursday, 9 May 2013


My 3-D project is a little wooden toy I bought for 60p in a charity shop a while ago and forgot to take a picture of the front. It is solid wood ad very well made. I first thought I might make a kind of oracle out of it. But I think I leave that for another project. This one is going to be a very pretty Tic-Tac-Toe board with naughts and crosses.

As a child I learned very quickly that you have to do two things to win this game:
- go first and
- start in the middle

A good metaphor for 'getting things done' :)

I used silver embossing on the wooden outside. The naughts and crosses are cut from chipboard and triple embossed to stand out.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Heat embossed light shade

Heat embossed light shade, during daytime and lit at night by Neil Burley

I don't mind admitting that I have a one track mind at the moment, driven by the fact I'm in my final term of my Art & Design course at Leicester College and it's final major project time! I've been developing various light shades based on this paper craft 'globe' and when the blog theme called for a 3D item, it was a natural step to emboss one! I've simply used WOW! Metallic Silver embossing powder over the WOW! Brocade stamp inked up with Versamark. This shade is designed to cover a battery powered LED light - make sure your shade is away from a heat source if you make your own! The shade is designed to be decorative, and I think the stamp works fabulously in all three dimensions, with the silver embossing powder providing just enough opacity to show the pattern off nicely :)

Gluing embossed surfaces together can be tricky, as some glues aren't keen on staying put - I used an extra strong all purpose clear glue (smear both sides and leave for a couple of minutes before sticking together) and a high tack waterbased clear drying glue. Pinflair glue also works well.

If you're folding embossed card, I suggest scoring from behind to avoid damage to the embossed layer, and fold whilst the powder is still relatively warm to avoid any cracking.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Make A Wish

I wanted to create a Birthday card, but wanted a little dimension on it. So I pulled out my WOW powders, a stamp set, some blooms, chippies and pop dots! I found some scrap Websters Pages papers that would work and got busy!

Here is the finished card:

I used the Suzy West "Make a Wish" stamp set, along with the Suzy West Sour Lemon regular, Bubble Gum regular, and Opaque Bright White regular embossing powders. I used the Sour Lemon and the "Make A Wish" sentiment  stamp around the edge of the base. I also embossed the chipboard scallop border with it. I used the Opaque Bright white in the center. The flourish is done with the Bubble Gum.

I used a generic leaf stamp and made some tiny leaves to go with the little blooms. The bling accent is from Websters Pages. As well as the little cake.

Here you see the pink flourish behind the blooms. I added liquid pearl accents to the banner and used pop dots for dimension.

Another close-up.

and one more! I used orange stickles for the flame on the candle!

I hope you like the card, It was fun to make! I hope it inspires you to pull out some scraps and start creating! Thanks so much for stopping by!

Products used:
Suzy West "Make a Wish" stamp set
Suzy West Sour Lemon embossing powder
Suzy West Bubble Gum embossing powder
WOW Bright Opaque White embossing powder
Ranger stickles orange
Ranger liquid pearl white
Websters Pages paper and bling trim
Imaginarium Designs chipboard flourish

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