Monday, 6 May 2013

Heat embossed light shade

Heat embossed light shade, during daytime and lit at night by Neil Burley

I don't mind admitting that I have a one track mind at the moment, driven by the fact I'm in my final term of my Art & Design course at Leicester College and it's final major project time! I've been developing various light shades based on this paper craft 'globe' and when the blog theme called for a 3D item, it was a natural step to emboss one! I've simply used WOW! Metallic Silver embossing powder over the WOW! Brocade stamp inked up with Versamark. This shade is designed to cover a battery powered LED light - make sure your shade is away from a heat source if you make your own! The shade is designed to be decorative, and I think the stamp works fabulously in all three dimensions, with the silver embossing powder providing just enough opacity to show the pattern off nicely :)

Gluing embossed surfaces together can be tricky, as some glues aren't keen on staying put - I used an extra strong all purpose clear glue (smear both sides and leave for a couple of minutes before sticking together) and a high tack waterbased clear drying glue. Pinflair glue also works well.

If you're folding embossed card, I suggest scoring from behind to avoid damage to the embossed layer, and fold whilst the powder is still relatively warm to avoid any cracking.


  1. Great project and would be lovely as an indoor or outdoor piece

  2. wow! awesome project ty for sharing x

  3. Neil, you get an A+ from me for this project :) I love it when two events get you to think up something unique to satisfy both.

  4. Fab Neil...I think the guys will need about 2000 of these to decorate the stand at the NEC this up for it ? Xx

    1. They're welcome to commission the pieces, as is anyone else :)

  5. Beautiful project yet again Neil.


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