Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thank you

To create this card I used one of my favourite sets of stamps - Gratitude [writes Nikki Smith].
I just love the simple clean images that can be used for so many things.

This is the card I made,

I used the white puff powder. I adore puff powders - they remind me of being a child and getting to create puff paint t-shirts!
I love the way the puff powders give a softer edging to your stamped image.
Here are a few close ups for you - look at how puffy the powder goes..... just like magic!

We would love to see the wonderful things that you are creating - make sure you leave us a comment or link so that we can pop on over to your blog and visit you.

Thank You Card

Thank you card by Neil Burley

I'm soooo excited! I've been allowed to break the press embargo on information about the new products  being released at Hobbycrafts exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham starting on 8th November. The reason I'm particularly excited is that one of them is the 'NB Canvas' clear stamp - which is my own design! The other new product featured today is the new Melt-It powder!

You will need:
- WOW! White Puff
- WOW! Bright White (Regular)
- WOW! Bright White (Super Fine)
- WOW! Melt-it Powder
- WOW! NB Canvas clear stamp
- WOW! Gratitude clear stamp set
- WOW! Flower mould
- Disposable foil pie dish for melting powder in
- Heat gun
- kraft card stock (image shows 7"x5" card)
- low-tack masking tape or Post-it note for masking

To make the card:
Start by making the mask for the middle of the card: stick down the 'Thanks' and gratitude sentiment from the WOW! Gratitude clear stamp set onto an acrylic block. Ink it up and print it onto a piece of low tack masking tape. Cut it out round the image and stick the masking tape down in the middle of the card.

Ink up the WOW! NB Canvas clear stamp and print it onto the card. Cover with WOW! White Puff, tap off the excess and heat set. Allow to cool completely.

Ink up the 'Thanks' and gratitude sentiment once more, this time printing the image in the masked area on the card. Cover with WOW! Bright White (Regular), tap off the excess and heat set. Allow to cool.

Melt a tablespoon full of WOW! Melt-It Powder in a disposable pie dish by either:
- heating from beneath with a heat gun
- placing it on a Melt Pot (as in the photo)
- placing it on a baking tray in an oven at around 130 deg C

Be careful of the molten powder - it's flippin' hot! Hold the pie dish firmly with a non-heat-conductive tool, e.g. wooden peg or tweezers. Pour the molten powder into the mould. If the liquid thickens, or the mould does not fill, it's getting too cold, so reheat it and try again. Any poured powder that doesn't work can be returned to the pot and remelted.
Once the powder is completely set, bend the mould over your finger and pop out the moulded flowers. Any over-pour will cause webbing between the petal shapes - this can be removed while still warm with a sharp craft knife. Continue moulding until you've used up your molten powder. Keep any extra flowers for use in other projects in an old embossing powder jar.
Finally, stick down the flowers to the card using Glossy Accents or other glue designed to stick non-porous surfaces. Hold down until the glue grabs and then allow to dry completely.

Video instructions for this project are available here:

WOW! Shopping List
WOW! White Puff
WOW! Bright White (Regular)
WOW! Bright White (Super Fine)
WOW! Gratitude clear stamp set

WOW! Melt-it Powder
WOW! NB Canvas clear stamp
WOW! Flower mould (available from show)

Heat gun

Sunday, 28 October 2012

.:Faux Wax Seal:.

H there!
Katarina here today with a short tutorial on how to make your own faux wax seals.

I love christmas, and I love to make cute cards and giftwrappings, and I L:O:V:E wax seals.. but I hate making them, the wax always ends up cracked, and since I´m a "headache girl" the smell isn´t that great eighter....
Now I have found a solution to this, and it´s a faux wax seal, using my favourite embossingpowders and a crafters sheet, or one of those teflon baking sheets (what ever they are called)....
just check out this video, and you can learn how to make your own wax seal in minutes... and they are flexible and will not crack on top of your project.. Great huh!!


Have a happy crafty day!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

No Tricks, Just treats on this page!

Hello There!
Today we have four girls from the Wow Glitter Girls team to show you some treats!
  No tricks on this page, except for some fun new ones you could try on your own projects!
  Today we have a little of everything, so lets take a peek at what is here!
First off, we have Jenifer Cowles.
The inspiration for this layout was the beautiful shimmery Bodacious Blue embossing powder.
 It happened to match her daughter’s shirt so she used it as the theme for her layout.
"I used the Bodacious Blue, Neutral Ultra Shimmer and Opaque Bright white embossing powders. The Stamps I used were the Funky Border Strips and the Make a Wish stamp."

We love how interesting it is too stamp on the feather, and
 love the dandelion image from the Make a Wish set! 
It goes together great!

Now, Look at this beauty that Jen Matott has created!
Looks as though Jen did a few different things to create this stunning effect.
"I used Helmar's Gemstone Glue with a foam applicator through a sequin waste
piece.  I added the Primary Black Regular powder over that and heat set!  It
bubbled when I held it on the glue too long but I liked the textured effect that
gave.  I added another layer after that for more depth.  Then I used it as a
resist when I applied the Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft  Gelatos for color. "

Jen used these supplies to create her mask:

WOW!  Primary Black Regular powders
sequin waste
Paper Mache Mask
Faber Castell DMC Gelatos
Helmar Adhesives
Prima Bling
7 Gypsies Tissue Paper
She purchased the mask at Target, and there is also a live chat with Jen linked to the WOW Facebook wall. She gives you all kinds of hints and such in the video.
 Go to our Facebook wall to see the video!

Next up, is Patti Hamil!
 She has been moving right along, and has been busy making Christmas cards already! 
 Good Job Patti!
Patti has used both the stamps and the pen...love how the tip of the pen is perfect for making snowflakes!
 That is adorable, don't you think?
There is a cutout where Mr. & Mrs. Clause are, and on the inside of the card Patti used the funky dots and embossed with the Bright Opaque white for snow. So smart!
Here is a list of what Patti used to create her holiday card.
Supplies used:
WOW Opaque Bright White powder
Embossing Pen (for snowflakes)
Suzy West Cable Car Red powder (Merry Christmas)
Merry and Bright stamp set
Funky Borders stamp set
Other supplies: MOXXIE Party at the Pole paper
Zig markers
 Finally Fall, Tanisha is up, and what a perfect card for right now! 
 We love our embossing pens, and when you can't find the perfect phrase, just write it out.
 That is exactly what Tanisha has done here with this card. 
 In her own writing she wrote "Finally Fall".
Tanisha used Sierra Sunrise Embossing Glitter, and WOW Metallic Silver.
 She wrote the sentiment using WOW's embossing pen,
and then embossed with metallic silver powder.

Thanks for visiting our blog, and hoe these projects inspire you to get out some powders,
and warm up your heat guns, and get crafty! 
 Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, 26 October 2012

Keep Calm... with Jen Matott

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it is a cause that is near and dear to me. My mother-in-law and aunt are both breast cancer survivors of 10+ years!  I recently lost a classmate that was the same age as me to breast cancer.  Even though I had not talked to her in many years, it hit home how awful this disease is and devastating it is to families, friends, and colleagues.  We need to raise money to help fight cancer!  I bet each of you know someone who as battled, is battling or lost the battle to breast cancer!  So, as a tribute to those individuals, I made a plaque to remind us all to keep calm & journey on!  It's a journey to carry on, fight or just give support to those that are facing a challenge like this.
I used some of the WOW stamps from the "Simply Amazing" set.  This is the cameo on the ribbon.  I stamped the silhouette on a piece of patterned paper with Faber-Castell's Stamper's Big Brush Pen and then stamped the frame with VersaMark and used Metallic Silver Regular.  I cut out the frame and glued it to the ribbon with a stick pin holding the ribbon (symbolizing the support for breast cancer awareness).

On the plaque, I stamped the words and ampersand.  The words are embossed with Bright White powder. 
I used Faber-Castell DMC Gelatos to create the drippy color and the embossed areas acted as a resist.
I created a video with the entire process so that you can see how I created this so you can recreate one for a friend or survivor! 

Thursday, 25 October 2012

WOW! I See Little Witches In My Future!

 I think I may pass on little witches in my future :) LOL!   Jan here and I did have lots of fun making this glass ball.  I used a clear glass Christmas ornament and tipped it upside down.  You can buy these ornaments at many craft supply stores.  I started with a Victorian Pillar Base and painted it black then used versa mark ink pad and rubbed some ink on and heat embossed using WOW! Metallic Gold Rich Ultra High Embossing Powder.
I covered the battery operated tea light with some Gaffer Tape and then used a bit of Shabby Orange seam binding around the center.
The little witch is adhered to Hambly Screen Prints "Birds".  I cut the overlay and rolled the overlay and image around a paint brush and then released it into the ball.  I used Coluzzle and made sure I left a generous tab at the bottom so it would stand up in the ball.    Easy peasy!  Hope you will try your own Glass Ball!  Add some pearls, metal charms and vintage gloves and you're all set to go.
up close
and from the side

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A new take on the bunting theme?!

 Hello, It's Sarah here. I have created a card this month for this month's Wow 'Thank You' theme.

I started by taking the triple heart stamp from the Wow Gratitude Stamp Set and stamped a few times onto heat resistant acetate. Sprinkled with Wow Brass Embossing Powder and carefully heated. I cut these out (leaving a slight border) and then added a punched hole to the top.

I threaded these acetate embellishments onto a strip of navy grosgrain ribbon.

I stamped and embossed 'thank you' in the top left of the square card and stamped and embossed a strip of the hearts in the centre of the bottom of the card. I used Wow Earthtone Blueberry Embossing Powder to compliment the brass colour. The colours worked perfectly together for a thank you card for a male.

Here is the finished effect. I hope that you like it.

Shopping List:
Wow Gratitude Stamp Set
Wow Brass Embossing Powder
Wow Earthtone Blueberry Embossing Powder

Sunday, 21 October 2012

A Splash of Colour

Hello all.  I hope this post finds you all happy and healthy.  With the weather here in New Zealand at the moment and the changing seasons not really knowing what they are up to, we are all full of coughs and colds.   Longing for warmer days and trips to the beach.  On the up side  I get to spend a few extra hours in my craft room creating  :-)  Enough chat! want to see what I have been up to.  If you follow me at all you will know I am a bit of a Ink Junkie!  I have discovered Dylusions Spray......   mixed with WOW embossing powders..... H E A V E N.

Today I am going to show you what you do with all that extra spray that gets left behind with the help of Embossing powder and Embossing pen.....
The photo above is a project I was working on, well to be totally truthful I was just playing.  I loved the color combo and liked all the elements  together   I started to clean up and noticed I had some ink left on my mask and thought that I probably could get a print from it if I turned it over and applied a bit of pressure.  So glad I did cause look what I got!!!!   below.

I really liked it and then it hit me. I'm going to lose all the color and detail when I add more colors as the dylusions is water reactive.   Thinking thinking thinking.........then it hit me.  What if I embossed over it in a clear.  If I did that it would act as a resist and i could still have all the color.  

With my new WOW EMBOSSING PEN and WOW CLEAR GLOSS SUPER FINE i went about coloring portions of the project and then dusting over with the embossing powder.

Once I had completely covered it in embossing powder I got my heat gun and melted the embossing powder

Excited to see if it worked I got my dylusion sprays back out and played some more!!!!  It worked, I was able to keep the colors I had and added more.   
Heres what I did with the finished background!    
Hope you have enjoyed my share today.  Don't forget if you have time to come and join us in this months Challenge.  Which is ..... To  use a WOW EMBOSSING PEN!  read previous post for all the details.  night night all.   Happy Scrappin xox Donna

Notelet and Pen Set

Hi , Christine here again for this month's blog post. Ive created a "Thank you" Notelet pad and pen set which can be hung on a wall or board and used over and over again as inside the cover is a tear-off post-it note.

To make this project:  Using a  piece of Mount Board 11cm x 22cm embossed the whole board with Pearlescent Gold Pearl powder. Stamp the "Flowers" Stamp over the top and emboss with Earth Tone Paprika powders.  Punch two holes in the top for the ribbon.

For the Post it note holder:  Draw round a post-it note pad onto gold cardstock - double the length and a further 4cm . Dry emboss 2 lines 0.25 from the centre - this will form the top spine when your post-it note is inside. Emboss with the "Flower" background stamp but this time in Primary Lagoon Blue. When folded, stick the post-it note to the inside back section of the holder making sure the top is level with spine. Once the post-it note is enclosed you should have a 2cm overlap at the bottom. Punch a hole in both sections and add ribbon to keep the notelet closed.

For the pen holder. - Roll up a pen inside a piece of paper and stick down to form a tube. Take the pen out and cut at a slant top and bottom. Draw swirls onto the tube with the WoW Embossing Pen and add Primary Lagoon powders. Stick the tube to the project with strong PVA glue and pop the pen back in. It should fit nice and snug.

For the Sentiment: .  Stick a Thank you outline sticker to cardstock and emboss the whole thing with Lagoon powder.  Peel off the sentiment and draw inside the letters with the WoW Embossing Pen - add Paprika powders and emboss again.

Stick all the pieces onto the base, add the pen into the tube, the ribbons onto the top and post-it holder and decorate with small punched flowers embossed with Lagoon powders to finish. 

Items used in this project:  Stamps - Flowers
                                         Powders - Primary Lagoon, Pearlescent Gold Pearl, Earth Tones, Paprika
Wow Embossing Pen


Thursday, 18 October 2012

Don't forget our monthly challenge!

Just a quick reminder about October's Challenge, click on the banner to enter:

Only two entries so far, so your chances of winning are high!

And a bit of advance notice... We're at Hobbycrafts again in November at the NEC, Birmingham - with two demo tables, workshop area and loads of goodies to buy. We're planning a pre-show blog post featuring our new products, so keep your eyes peeled!

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