Monday, 29 April 2013

Buttons in the spot light!

Hello and welcome to the WOW! UK blog!

This months theme is altered/recycled art. I decided to give some old buttons a new life by turning them into a piece of fun jewelry.

I first covered the buttons with Fab Foil using Bonding Powder. After applying the foil I heated them untill the foil started to "cook" which creates a fun texture. Watch out, cooking is ok, burning is not :)
After they cooled down I added a layer of Ultra High Clear Embossing Powder and while the embossing enamel was still hot and fluid I sprinkled in some micro beads to add more texture. Finally I added a top layer of Ultra High Clear Embossing Powder to make sure the micro beads stay in place.

I used some jewelry elastic to bind them together to a bracelet.

I think it turned out to be a fun piece and it is so light you hardly notice you're wearing it.

Materials used:
Fab Foil: Bright Gold,  TurquoiseBright Copper; Bonding Powder; Clear Ultra High Embossing Powder;

Thank you for stopping by today and I would love to hear your ideas for giving buttons a second life!

Have a great day, happy crafting!

Birgit Koopsen

Sunday, 28 April 2013

WOW! We're on Facebook!

Hi, Crafty Friends!

If you haven't already checked us out on Facebook, then come by soon! We have more content to share with you like tips, cards, photos and events, and we'd love to hear and see your photos of what you've been doing with your embossing powders and craft projects.


Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Card board magic

Cardboard is my go to material when it comes to up-cycling with embossing. Here is my stash before
and after a die cutting session. Excuse the dog hair, hoovering is not as much fun as die cutting :)
I chose this shape
and double embossed it with silver embossing powder. To get the hammered effect, emboss over with clear embossing powder.

beautiful, cheap, recycled, interesting textures, looks expensive……………………. I am always thrilled with these little gems.
Here is a pink with gold version:

And here some butterflies. I used acrylic paint and then clear embossing powder on these super dimensional embellishments

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Old and Dated to New and Pretty

Don't you just love going into Junk shops, recycle store or similar and finding bits that are really just utter junk and thinking that you can turn it into something usable.  I LOVE IT!  and do it all the time.  Don't tell anyone but most of the birthday pressies and Christmas pressies I have made have started from the junk Shop. 

I really want to do a before and after shot of this but when I started this project it was at night,  so please. please forgive the quality of the first photo.
Here we go...

I had so much fun making this,  I am going to give it to my sweet Jadie for her earrings. It has two little draws down at the bottom perfect for that.

A few close ups.....

I used white gesso to start with and covered the whole box,  once it was dry I painted it with Broken china distress paint and then I chose the totally Yummy stamp from wow and stamped over all the flat surfaces.  Sprinkled with white wow embossing powder and lastly decorated with flowers and other embellishments

I really do love those two little draws,  you can see on the top and draw fronts the delish stamping and how using wow embossing powder picks up the detail even on wood and paint.

I brought this wee birdie home the other day and he made his home on top of my lamp.  I think he may have found a new home,  such a cutie.


Brocade - Clear Stamp
Brocade Stamp

WL01 Bright White

Bright white 

Well that's all from me tonight,  take care and happy Scrappin   xox  Donna :-)
Project by Donna O'Leary

Monday, 22 April 2013

Home sweet home

Hi there, Nikki here for todays WOW! post.
I have loved this months theme!!! Don't you just love to be challenged?

My ideas for the project I wanted to do kept changing and I only finished this one this morning...... lol
For my piece of altered art I chose to work with a chipboard picture frame....... and this is what I have done with it.....

I painted the base then inked around all of the edges. I added sahara embossing powder from the desert sands collection, to all the letters (I found it best to work one letter at a time).
For the photo below I added the flash - it really shows off the yummy sahara powder - it is one of my new favourites!!!!
 The coloured roses have been made from paper and then dipped into clear embossing powder. This is what gives them a beautiful bubble effect all over them. The gold roses have been dipped into gold embossing powder.
 The leaves are coated with a mix of the powders from the desert sands collection.

I had a lot of fun creating it.
If you have made any altered art projects make sure you send us a link so that we can pop on over and comment on it for you.

Happy crafting
Nikki x

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Memory Box - Story

Hi guys! It's Sandie here today with an inspiration project for this month's challenge, which is Altered or Recycled Art.  

I altered a papier maché circle box to make a Memory Box - perfect for childhood keepsakes. 

First I painted the box with white acrylic paint using a baby wipe to achieve a distressed look. While that dried I made some resin flowers using Melt-It, White Pearl Powder and Pomegranate Powder. To make the flowers I use foil cases, a peg to hold the foil case (it gets hot!!) and my heat gun. 

Once the paint had dried I covered the box with patterned papers, sanding the edges. Then I layered up an inked bingo card with leaves which I'd heat embossed with Olive embossing powder. I stamped out the little girl from the Child's Play clear stamp set. 

I then layered up the flowers before adding some green velvet ribbon and some white peals . 

WOW Products used:
Stamps - Child's Play (Retired)

Don't forget to check out this month's challenge. Enter for your chance to win 12 embossing powders in a handy carry case. You can find all of the details HERE. 

Thanks for dropping by!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Recycled Jam Jar

Hi everyone, it's Sarah here with a project that I have made for this months Wow challenge; Altered or Recycled...

I started with an empty jar of jam... I will have to promote a specific product now as I don't know of any other jams that use this beautiful shaped jar but I knew when I bought this that I would be using the lovely glass jar for something... (oh, and by the way, the jam is yummy too! ;)

First things first... Peel the label off and run the glass jar under hot soapy water to remove all label residue. Make sure the jar is completely dry before heading onto the next step...

I had already selected the stamp that I wanted to use... since Wow introduced this beautiful wild flowers stamp as part of the Wow 'Collage' stamp set, I have been waiting for the perfect use for it and decided it would probably work quite well on this project.

I thought about leaving the glass clear and stamping the pattern onto the glass but decided I would use the end product as a candle holder and would prefer not to see the little mini candle inside. Although, I wanted the glass to allow the light from the candle through so I selected a couple of translucent embossing powders to cover the glass and create the base colour. I started with a layer of Orange Pearl Embossing powder which I heat embossed and then added a layer of Gold Satin Pearl Embossing Powder over the top to create the desired colour. When inking the glass jar to create the solid background, try to ink it all in one rather than inking and embossing in sections as this will create a smooth finish. If you ink and emboss the jar in sections, the areas where the ink and powder overlap the previous section will layer the colour and create a patchy effect.

The next step is the tricky one... take the wild flowers stamp from the Wow Collage stamp set and leave it on the film clear backing so it can be used as a flexible stamp. Lie it flat on the table and ink using clear versamark. Carefully position the stamp over the area of the jar that you want the pattern to be and carefully press it onto the jar following the curve. Now you can sprinkle over the embossing powder. (A handy tip... Once you have sprinkled the powder over, you can see if you have missed any area's of the pattern, or if they have become miss-aligned or double stamped and before you heat emboss it, you can wash it off and start again with the pattern stamp without messing up your base layers).

For the flowers pattern, I knew I needed to use an opaque powder to block the candle light from coming through and highlight the pattern so I decided to use Vanilla White Embossing Powder to compliment the gold pearl base colour. Once the powder is heat embossed, it does create a slightly 'crackled' effect layered over the other powders but personally, I think this adds to the effect. :D

The final stage is adding the ribbon trim to hide the screw lid section. I used my favourite lace pearl ribbon and attached it using super sticky embossing tape.

Here is the completed candle holder. It's pretty without a candle inside but with it, you can really see the effect of the pretty pattern in the opaque powder...

I'd love to try this idea on a larger Glass jar that doesn't taper using the Wow Vintage Wallpaper stamp as I think this would look stunning... I wonder which other stamps would work well? Take a look at Wow Embossing Powder website to see the range of stamps and see which you think would look good... and if you try the idea out, don't forgot to share your creations on our Wow facebook page as we love seeing your creations.

Happy Crafting. :D

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Elegant Wooden Frame in Less than an Hour

It's THAT time of year when every moment seems filled with the kids' activities (more so than the others times of the year).

In addition to working full time, managing to keep the house in some order and hustling kids to and from school and practices, I am attempting to capture some milestones for both the kids. My oldest has turned 16 and the younger will be 13 in a few weeks. In the days between these birthdays we also have a Sacramental milestone. I said it was busy. I'm sure MANY of you out there feel the same time crunch and wonder how you can ever get a moment to "scrap" or create.

I feel the need to take a few moments to contemplate the momentous occasions and make something to share with my sons. Here's what I did with WOW in just about an hour. I think you can embellish something nice as well in a quick minute.

With a couple wooden elements from the craft store painted in school colors, I assembled a wooden frame. I selected two wooden embellishments, a cross and dove, to finish the frame.

I used a bottle of embossing liquid or "ink" new from Ranger and covered both pieces evenly with the dauber on the bottle. Then I heat embossed Sierra Sunrise embossing powder on the Cross and Vodka Sparkle from the limited edition, Girls Night Out Collection (Silver, 2013 New Release) on the Dove. They were adhered to the bottom right of the frame.

Finally, I cut a scroll from white card stock (die from Verve) and stamped the sentiment from Everyday Sentiments in Ebony embossing powder. Regular gold embossing was used around the scroll edge.

The photo shown is a placeholder for what will eventually be my older son's Confirmation photo and a letter tucked in the back.

It just took me an hour to put this together, but I love the end result and will be happy to display this prominently. I am so satisfied when I can complete a beautiful and easily executed project!


Sunday, 14 April 2013

Paintbrush Pot - A Recycled "Pringles" tube

Use your crisp tubes to create something new - and you get to eat the crisps too......

....Hi, Chris here again with this month's theme

Iv'e altered a "Pringles" crisp tube to create a Paintbrush holder for all my brushes and bits and pieces. (The crisps went a long time ago.)

To make this project I cut the tube in half and covered it with stamped tissue paper using the Butterfly from the With Love Clear  stamp set.

I then melted some Melt-It Powder into a Melt Pot then added Seafoam White and Lilac Shimmer powders. I then dipped the top of the tube into the melted powders. It ran over the edge a little which gave it a natural look. I then poured more melted powder onto the Brocade stamp and pressed a Butterfly cookie cutter into the powders. Once cool I peeled off the solid powders and the stamp was impressed into the melted powder. I removed the cookie cutter to reveal a stamped butterfly. Before the image was too cold, I bent it slightly so it would sit nicely over the tube. I then added copper and gold mica powders for a shimmery effect.

Two wires were added for antennae and pearls for the body. I then embossed a button and two die-cut butterflies with the same powders. Pearls were added for the bodies of the Butterflies and a little raffia tie for the top of the tube. Hey presto, a Paintbrush Holder.

Products used:  Seafoam White Powder
                        Melt It Powder 
                        Brocade Stamp 
                        With Love Clear Stamp Set
                        Lilac shimmer

Friday, 12 April 2013

All Wired Up!

Hi Everyone
Sue Here

I love to alter picture frames and so without exception here it is.  

I started off with a frame and a decoupage picture and purchased this from the local charity shop for 50 pence.


I then took the back off and substituted the glass for some wire mesh purchased from Wickes. (I think it was £3.95 for a big sheet).

 This is great for any of your projects which need dimension.


I then took the picture off the back and substituted this for some backing paper.

I then took 2 inch circles and added sentiments from the WOW stamps of Make a Wish and Love beyond Measure.    


I used Versamark with Nutmeg, Copper, Pepper, Bark and Burgundy Red Embossing Powder then tied the sentiments onto the wire mesh. (If you got really small pegs you could use those also).  I then stamped a butterfly out of backing paper and acetate using Burgundy Red embossing powder and attached it to the left upper corner of the frame.

The great thing about this is that you can used whatever sentiments you like, in whatever week, to reflect what you are feeling or what inspiration you are needing, even use the frame as an inspiration board for your craft projects or use it as a note to myself board.

Have fun with this..............................Sue

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