Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Would you like to be a WOW! Demonstrator?

Dear WOW! Fans!

Thank you to everyone who has ordered our new products! It has been a very popular release for us, if you haven't seen our newest products please be sure to check them out here:

We are planning on holding a demonstrators' training day in a few months. The date will be decided after we get an idea of how many demonstrators are interested in attending. The event will take place near our head quarters in St Albans. If you are interested, please reply back to this email and request an application form or download it from here. If you have experience demonstrating we would love to know more details. If not, don't worry that's what we're here for, to train you! There will be a charge of £25 for attending which will cover the cost of materials, lunch and refreshments. We look forward to hearing back from you soon! Happy crafting :)

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Memories of Disney….

Hi Everyone

WOW embossing Powders-Disney

As I was sat on my sun lounger on holiday I was reflecting on holidays spent with our daughter.  You see this was the first time without her - she preferring the bright lights and thumping sounds of Aya Napa to being with her parents. 
So I created this for  WOW HQ this month.

I have chosen to go back in time to 2007 when my family and I went to Disney World.  Our daughter loved (and still does) MINNIE MOUSE even though she is 18 years old now!
WOW embossing powders-disney
WOW embosing powders-disney
I started by cutting out some die cuts from different scrap pieces of card stock and vellum:

Marianne Designs, Spellbinders,Sue Wilson, Sizzix and Tattered Lace.

I then inked and heat set  some of them up with Versamark and used the following embossing powders:


New-Daytona Sands, New-Atlantic Spray, New-Long Island Teal, Bark Ebony, Pepper and Copper Pearl.

The 12 x 12 card stock, I firstly sprayed with Dylusion sprays and let it dry.
I then took the embossed  die cuts and arranged them on the page.

The stamp 'SMILE' is taken from the Big Words set.

I stamped this with Versamark onto Acetate and heat set with Ebony     embossing powder. 

The strips at the top and bottom of the page are from packaging as is the swirl.

WOW embossing powders-disneyy

Hope I have Inspired you to have a look at your memories and put them in an album.

WOW! Embossing Powder Shop (Link to
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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Giveaway of Flights of Fancy and Big Words

Today I have a special post for you. I get to do an introduction of the two stamp sets I designed for WOW! I will share a card and a video where I talk a bit more about the sets and I hope you'll love them as much as I do. AND there is also a giveaway! WOW will give away one each of the two new sets Flights of Fancy and Big Words to two of our readers. All you have to do to have a chance to win is to comment on this post and tell us which one of the sets are your favourite and why. Good luck!

Let me tell you about my card first and then I'll get back to the stamps. It's a really easy card to make. I diecut the background out of smooth white cardstock. I wet a part of the paper and added distress inks so they blended. Dried it really carefully with my heat tool. It's important to let it dry completely because the embossing powder will stick to anything moist. I stamped the High Five and embossed with Calypso Glitter. Then I stamped the feather from Flight of Fancy (or it could be a leaf, you decide) and embossed it in my favourite Clear Matt Dull embossingpowder. It looks very cool and faint but gives a lot of fun texture. And that's it. 

I made a video to show you the sets and tell you a bit about them. But you can get the short version here. The Flights of Fancy set is a very fun and versatile set. They can be leaves or they can be feathers, no one knows for sure what they are. They can even be little trees if you feel like it. I love graphical stamps that can be used as is or colored or embossed or whatever you feel like that day. They work great with the powders from WOW of course, they practically scream to be embossed (and watercolored. Or foiled. They look fab foiled).  

I made the Big Words to use as sentiments on cards. But they would look very good on layouts and in mixed media projects, art journaling and for other projects too. They are what they are called, big words, for many occasions. They can be combined with eachother and with other sentiments. I included an exclamation mark (that can be the i in I love you if turned upside down) and also an ampersand and some small dots to continue the sentiment on the inside of a card or in another place on the page or card. They are very fun and look amazing embossed and foiled. And here's the video where I talk about them, enjoy!

And here's a collage of the cards I showed in the video. 

Products used:
Flights of Fancy Stamp Set
Big Words Stamp Set
Calypso Embossing Glitter
Clear Matt Dull Embossing Powder

Don't forget to comment on this post for a chance to win the sets. Thank you for stopping by <3

Edit: The givaway ends August 1 :) 

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Watercolor Happy Birthday

 Hi there Wow fans this is Jenifer here with you today to share a fun technique.  I have a ton of art supplies that I really don't know how to use.  Right now watercolor is such a popular trend that I thought I would give it a try.

I found these metallic watercolors for under 5$ at Michaels.  I embossed my Sexi-Hexi stamp with Ebony embossing powders and then I just roughly colored in the spaces.  I wanted to try out a bunch of the colors so I went with a rainbow pattern.

Here is a close up, can you see how it sparkles.  I finished everything off with a bright silk ribbon and a statement.  I hope you have enjoyed my card today.  Give watercolor a try, it's really fun.

Wow  Embossing Powders used:
Sexi-Hexi Stamp
Black Ebony Embossing Powder

Monday, 20 July 2015

Dream: By Trish

A summery, happy bright project from me today!

I stamped the butterflies onto vellum, then embossed with Bright White Embossing powder. I really love how the white stands out!

The butterflies were put to one side whilst I created the background. This was done by smearing and smudging yellow, green, blue and red paint onto a wooden panel. I also added my favourite detail, splattered dots! This was done by spritzing the whole background with water, then sprinkling a tiny pinch of Ultra High Ebony Black powder over it. The water creates just enough 'stick' so the granules don't get blown away when you point the heat gun at them! The water then, of course, simply dries away whilst you emboss!

Remember though, only spritz water onto your background if you have used some kind of permanent colour... I've used acrylic paint. Water based inks will bleed and run!
I used a wooden word as my finishing touch. This was coloured black, then embossed with Ebony Black powder to give the fab shine!

Have a wonderful day!
Trish xxx

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Violet tenderness / Card + tutorial

Hello all, Nataliya is here :) Today I will show you tenderness card without scrapbooking paper.

For background I use watercolor paper, sprays, stencil, stamping and WOW! embossing powder, of course :)

As you know I LOVE shine! And WOW! powders allow me to create this effect a variety of ways :)

mmmm, shining!

And tutorial for you :) I make the background with light colour sprays:

With the help of a stencil and WE09 Red Pearl, I create the background image:

I add color using sprays to highlight design:

Some stamping with StazOn and Funky Border Strips

I add little bit of bright blots:

And finally, my new fav powder - WH16 Parma VioletIt's look  soooo pretty on chipboard!

Have a tender day!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Video Tutorial: Basic Stamping and Embossing plus FAQs about WOW! Embossing Powder

Hi Everyone! 

We've got Marion Emberson our Brand Ambassador on the blog today sharing a video on how to get the best results with your favourite WOW! Embossing Powders. Be sure to click on the video and subscribe to our Youtube channel and leave a like if you enjoyed the video :)

It states your powders are anti static, but I get bits sticking on my work?

All our powders are double treated for static. This doesn't mean that they are anti-moisture so if you handle your work, oils in your hands will transfer to the Cardstock, thus creating a base for the powder to stick to. Try to handle your cardstock from the sides. We also strongly recommend that you don't decant the powders as our jars are treated in the same way.

When I heat emboss my paper curls, how can I stop this?

This is caused by moisture from the paper and the ink pad. All you have to do is turn it over and heat from the other side. You will find this flattens it out but depending on the thickness of your card you may have to do this a couple of times.

Can I use Melt-It for embossing?

It would melt, but it will give a very flat effect. It would probably give a better result on one of our background design stamps.

Do I have to use Versamark when inking?

No, not at all but it is our preferred one. You can use any Pigment ink but we don't recommend dye or alcohol based inks as these dry too quickly.

How do I know when it's done?

If you tip your head to the side you'll be able to see it melting, as soon as you see it melt, move the heat tool and "chase" the melting powder until the whole design is done.

How far do I hold the heat tool away from the Cardstock?

Approximately 1.5" is good. If you go further away it will take longer to melt and if you go closer you run the risk of burning the Cardstock. Remember it's best to under do it and you can always go back and heat a bit more.

Can I use a hairdryer?

The simple answer is no...a hairdryer gives lots of blow and not a lot of heat and a heat tool gives lots of heat and not a lot of blow. You run the risk of blowing the powder off with too much blow. This will make the result very uneven.

Can the glitter powders be used in a melt pot?

Absolutely, all our powders can be used in a melt pot and our very own WOW! Foil Cases

What does it mean when a powder is opaque?

If you go to the Technical Stuff area on our Info Website and click on Powder Info, you'll see the letter abbreviations for the powder properties and their meanings. These codes are shown under their listings in the powder products pages.

How much powder should I add to Melt-It?

On average, one teaspoon of Melt -It would have 1/8th of a teaspoon of powder. You can vary this depending on the depth of colour you require, i.e. If it's a translucent the less you put in, the more glassy it will look.

What is the best Cardstock for stamping and embossing on?

The smoother the better, a coated Cardstock is also recommended
Is there a size between the 15ml jar and the 160ml jar?

There isn't at present, but there may be one in the future.

Is there a tip to using the glitter embossing powders?

We recommend you always shake them before use in case the powder and glitter have separated but otherwise use them in the same way as the powders.

Can you burn the powder?

Yes you can if you heat it for too long, remember always under do it and then you can go back and heat a little more.

Should I heat from above or below the Cardstock?

If you heat from above you run the risk of blowing the powder off, you will get a smoother finish by heating from below, but this will depend on the media you are heating on i.e. Thick chipboard would have to be heated from above. When heating from above hold the heat tool at least 1.5" away

Should I re-ink each time when triple embossing?

It is always recommended that you re-ink to apply more powder for each layer, making sure the previous layer has cooled down, it is possible to do this technique without re-inking but you will have to work very quickly and on a fairly small surface area

What does core colour mean?

This is the colour of powder inside the powder particle. Our opaque powders generally have a white core, this will make a difference when using these with Melt-It, as when melted they will give a 'marbled' effect and make the original colour much paler.

What's the difference between the thicknesses of the powders?

There are actually four grade sizes, visit our Technical Area to find out more.

Friday, 10 July 2015

WOW! Embossing Powder and Viva Las VegaStamps Blog Hop - DAY 3 COMMENTS CLOSED

WOW! What a great response to these blog hops! We are glad to hear that you guys have been inspired by our design team's makes :) Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post. 

Welcome to Day 3 of our Blog Hop with Viva Las VegaStampsToday we have Sian and Maya on the blog sharing their cards that they used to create projects with VLVStamps and WOW! Embossing Powder. Maya and Sian's styles are distinctive as they both love their white space which allows designs to shine so beautifully. It is also something that I personally struggle with in my own projects as I am always very tempted to keep adding stuff until all available space is covered! Maya and Sian I am in awe! 

Please note that today is Sian's last day on the blog, we are saying our goodbyes with heavy hearts and we will really miss Sian's creativity on the blog and her sunny disposition in the team. Please join us in wishing her best of luck with future endeavors and keep following her on her own blog to stay in touch!

VLVS: Website Blog Facebook 



I hope you enjoy our blog hop with Viva Las Vegas Stamps!

Armed with my blending tool, I created a CAS card with these fabulous Viva Las Vegas Stamps Banksy images!

I love how graphic the images are and they lend themselves perfectly to creating silhouettes.  The images are all very thought provoking too.  These rubber stamps create perfect images from the first stamping, which is rare...I was pleasantly surprised!

I started out by blending three Distress Ink colours and then flicked some water onto the ink to create the water marks, blotting the excess off after.  On to this background I stamped one of the VLV Banksy images in solid black.  For the sentiment I used WOW! Everyday Sentiments and heat embossed this using Black Glint and Metalline Dark Blue powders.

I couldn't use a Banksy image without paying tribute to the artist, so a small 'Banksy' tag is embossed in Metallic Silver in the bottom right hand corner :) The finishing touch was three small rhinestones 'leading' up to the sentiment.

Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the hop!!

             - Black Glint Embossing Glitter
             - Metalline Dark Blue powder
             - Metallic Silver powder


I got a full sheet of lovely Mixed Media styled stamps from Viva Las Vegas Stamps, they work so well with the embossing powders from WOW and I know I will love and use them a lot. I made a fun card using two of the stamps, a sentiment from WOW and a selection of different embossing powders. I embossed the rings in Glacier Blue, the arrows with Fools Gold, the sentiment with Clear Gloss and the small hearts with Neutral Ultra Shimmer and then a couple of coats of Clear Gloss on top.

WOW Supplies:

Viva Las Vegas Stamps Supplies:

Pssst! It's Tania here again, don't you just love Maya's card using that cute Big Words stamp set which she designed? This has been a very popular stamp seller set for us and I love how quirky that font is ... 

Thank you for stopping by!

Shop WOW! Embossing Powder:

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You have until Sunday 12th of July to enter. 

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

WOW! Embossing Powder and Viva Las VegaStamps Blog Hop - DAY 2 COMMENTS CLOSED

Thank you to everyone who commented on the last post! Now here we are with Day 2 of our Blog Hop with Viva Las VegaStamps!
Today we have Trish, Nataliya and Donna on the blog sharing their mixed media style projects on the blog using VLVStamp and WOW! Embossing Powder goodies. I love how each of them has such a distinct style which is very recognizable :)


I created a messy painty background, and then layered the fabulous Viva Las Vegas Stamps over the top. I stamped the Bubble Wrap Texture, the Writing Triangles and the Stitching designs using black ink, then stamped the Writing Circles Background using embossing ink and embossed them using Super Fine Opaque Bright White powder. I also added splats to the background using Ebony Black Ultra High powder, and Opaque Bright White Ultra High powder. My 'Happy' word was die cut from black card, then embossed using Ebony Black Super Fine to give the shiny finish. Once I had completed the panel, I placed it into a white painted box frame, so I can hang it on my wall!
Have a fabulous day, Trish xxx

WOW! product used:

VLVS product used:
Writing Circles Background


Hello all, Nataliya is here :) My favs WOW! and VLVS! together again :) And I made this card for our Blog Hop:

Girl in Princess Costume 2 x 3 1/4 I colored with watercolours, for Writing Triangles 1 1/4 x 3 1.4 I used WH08 Burgundy Red and WH07 Bark powder. These same colors, I took for inscription - Be An Adventurer 3/4 x 2 1/4Look what volume gives hot embossing!

Love this!

Have a adventure Blog Hop!


Hello all.  Donna here today to share a project I created for the Viva Las Vega Stamps
What a great  treat to play with some delicious stamps.  For my project I created a mini frame.

 I used the VLVS bubblewrap stamp to create the background of my mini frame.  Before I used the heat gun to melt the embossing powder I  ran the blunt end of a pencil threw the embossing powder to give it a distressed look.

I used lots of my favourite wow products on this mini frame, I used Opaque Bright White embossing powder for the stamped background. I added a little Copper foil on top of the bubbles to add texture.  I used our new colours  Primary Chartreuse and Mint Mojito embossing glitter in my melting pot along with some Melt it to create the leafs in the new leaf mold which I absolutely love. 

I hope you have enjoyed my project and take some time to go check out  VLVS out.  They have some AMAZING Stamps.  I got lost on there site for hours so you might want to make a cuppa before you start.  

Until next time enjoy everyone's projects,  Happy Scrappin Donna 

Thank you for stopping by!

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