Video Tutorial: Basic Stamping and Embossing plus FAQs about WOW! Embossing Powder

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We've got Marion Emberson our Brand Ambassador on the blog today sharing a video on how to get the best results with your favourite WOW! Embossing Powders. Be sure to click on the video and subscribe to our Youtube channel and leave a like if you enjoyed the video :)

It states your powders are anti static, but I get bits sticking on my work?

All our powders are double treated for static. This doesn't mean that they are anti-moisture so if you handle your work, oils in your hands will transfer to the Cardstock, thus creating a base for the powder to stick to. Try to handle your cardstock from the sides. We also strongly recommend that you don't decant the powders as our jars are treated in the same way.

When I heat emboss my paper curls, how can I stop this?

This is caused by moisture from the paper and the ink pad. All you have to do is turn it over and heat from the other side. You will find this flattens it out but depending on the thickness of your card you may have to do this a couple of times.

Can I use Melt-It for embossing?

It would melt, but it will give a very flat effect. It would probably give a better result on one of our background design stamps.

Do I have to use Versamark when inking?

No, not at all but it is our preferred one. You can use any Pigment ink but we don't recommend dye or alcohol based inks as these dry too quickly.

How do I know when it's done?

If you tip your head to the side you'll be able to see it melting, as soon as you see it melt, move the heat tool and "chase" the melting powder until the whole design is done.

How far do I hold the heat tool away from the Cardstock?

Approximately 1.5" is good. If you go further away it will take longer to melt and if you go closer you run the risk of burning the Cardstock. Remember it's best to under do it and you can always go back and heat a bit more.

Can I use a hairdryer?

The simple answer is no...a hairdryer gives lots of blow and not a lot of heat and a heat tool gives lots of heat and not a lot of blow. You run the risk of blowing the powder off with too much blow. This will make the result very uneven.

Can the glitter powders be used in a melt pot?

Absolutely, all our powders can be used in a melt pot and our very own WOW! Foil Cases

What does it mean when a powder is opaque?

If you go to the Technical Stuff area on our Info Website and click on Powder Info, you'll see the letter abbreviations for the powder properties and their meanings. These codes are shown under their listings in the powder products pages.

How much powder should I add to Melt-It?

On average, one teaspoon of Melt -It would have 1/8th of a teaspoon of powder. You can vary this depending on the depth of colour you require, i.e. If it's a translucent the less you put in, the more glassy it will look.

What is the best Cardstock for stamping and embossing on?

The smoother the better, a coated Cardstock is also recommended
Is there a size between the 15ml jar and the 160ml jar?

There isn't at present, but there may be one in the future.

Is there a tip to using the glitter embossing powders?

We recommend you always shake them before use in case the powder and glitter have separated but otherwise use them in the same way as the powders.

Can you burn the powder?

Yes you can if you heat it for too long, remember always under do it and then you can go back and heat a little more.

Should I heat from above or below the Cardstock?

If you heat from above you run the risk of blowing the powder off, you will get a smoother finish by heating from below, but this will depend on the media you are heating on i.e. Thick chipboard would have to be heated from above. When heating from above hold the heat tool at least 1.5" away

Should I re-ink each time when triple embossing?

It is always recommended that you re-ink to apply more powder for each layer, making sure the previous layer has cooled down, it is possible to do this technique without re-inking but you will have to work very quickly and on a fairly small surface area

What does core colour mean?

This is the colour of powder inside the powder particle. Our opaque powders generally have a white core, this will make a difference when using these with Melt-It, as when melted they will give a 'marbled' effect and make the original colour much paler.

What's the difference between the thicknesses of the powders?

There are actually four grade sizes, visit our Technical Area to find out more.


  1. Great video tutorial and Q&A Marion!!!
    I really appreciate your practical tips and look forward to learning more :)

  2. It's brilliant information, especially for embossing beginners but old hands too... at last I have found why my powders go pastel in the melt pot!

  3. Very interesting. Thanks for all the tips. Hugz


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