Friday, 5 October 2012

Colored Pinecones

Happy Friday everyone and thanks for stopping by today to see what we have to share with you.

Here in the Eastern United States Fall has come and the leaves are a changing on the trees. I just love all the colors of this time of year. For my family Fall means spending lots of time in the woods. Just a few weeks ago we were out in the woods walking around and I noticed some pincones on the ground. I decided to grab a few and bring them home. Of course I was thinking, I wonder if you can emboss on pinecones? Has anyone ever tried this?? Well, I decided to give it a shot.

So here is what I started out with. (I only did the pinecones for this project.)

I decided to do each pinecone a different color. The colors I chose were Earthtone Peper, Earthtone Paprika, and Earthtone Nutmeg from the Suzy West Pantry Collection. I used the wide tip end of a Versamark Embossing Pen all over the insides of the pinecones. I wanted them to kind of have a rustic feel so I wasn't real careful in covering absolutely all of the pinecone. I sprinkled the embossing powder on the pinecone, removed the excess powder, and then applied the heat.

While digging out our Fall and Halloween decorations I came across this really long swag of leaves that I had bought several years back but still had the price tag on it so I know I had never used it. The problem was that it was an odd length, too long to hang on a door but not long enough to wrap around a banister or the like. But I knew now exactly what I wanted to do with it. I folded it in half, added some berries and pumpkins, and then added my newly embossed pinecones!

So what do you all think? I absolutely love it now and I really love how the embossed pinecones came out. So exciting when you can take something that you never used and turn it into something wonderful. This now hangs proudly on my front porch, right under the porch light, so everyone sees it when they come over to visit. What do you have lying around that you don't use that you could dress up with a little embossing powder and turn it into something wonderful?

Warmly, Sherrie!!

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  1. I've just picked up some pine cones to decorate for Xmas and wondered if I could heat emboss them. Thanks for posting, it has given me confidence to try it.


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