Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thank You Card

Thank you card by Neil Burley

I'm soooo excited! I've been allowed to break the press embargo on information about the new products  being released at Hobbycrafts exhibition at the NEC, Birmingham starting on 8th November. The reason I'm particularly excited is that one of them is the 'NB Canvas' clear stamp - which is my own design! The other new product featured today is the new Melt-It powder!

You will need:
- WOW! White Puff
- WOW! Bright White (Regular)
- WOW! Bright White (Super Fine)
- WOW! Melt-it Powder
- WOW! NB Canvas clear stamp
- WOW! Gratitude clear stamp set
- WOW! Flower mould
- Disposable foil pie dish for melting powder in
- Heat gun
- kraft card stock (image shows 7"x5" card)
- low-tack masking tape or Post-it note for masking

To make the card:
Start by making the mask for the middle of the card: stick down the 'Thanks' and gratitude sentiment from the WOW! Gratitude clear stamp set onto an acrylic block. Ink it up and print it onto a piece of low tack masking tape. Cut it out round the image and stick the masking tape down in the middle of the card.

Ink up the WOW! NB Canvas clear stamp and print it onto the card. Cover with WOW! White Puff, tap off the excess and heat set. Allow to cool completely.

Ink up the 'Thanks' and gratitude sentiment once more, this time printing the image in the masked area on the card. Cover with WOW! Bright White (Regular), tap off the excess and heat set. Allow to cool.

Melt a tablespoon full of WOW! Melt-It Powder in a disposable pie dish by either:
- heating from beneath with a heat gun
- placing it on a Melt Pot (as in the photo)
- placing it on a baking tray in an oven at around 130 deg C

Be careful of the molten powder - it's flippin' hot! Hold the pie dish firmly with a non-heat-conductive tool, e.g. wooden peg or tweezers. Pour the molten powder into the mould. If the liquid thickens, or the mould does not fill, it's getting too cold, so reheat it and try again. Any poured powder that doesn't work can be returned to the pot and remelted.
Once the powder is completely set, bend the mould over your finger and pop out the moulded flowers. Any over-pour will cause webbing between the petal shapes - this can be removed while still warm with a sharp craft knife. Continue moulding until you've used up your molten powder. Keep any extra flowers for use in other projects in an old embossing powder jar.
Finally, stick down the flowers to the card using Glossy Accents or other glue designed to stick non-porous surfaces. Hold down until the glue grabs and then allow to dry completely.

Video instructions for this project are available here:

WOW! Shopping List
WOW! White Puff
WOW! Bright White (Regular)
WOW! Bright White (Super Fine)
WOW! Gratitude clear stamp set

WOW! Melt-it Powder
WOW! NB Canvas clear stamp
WOW! Flower mould (available from show)

Heat gun


  1. What a great new stamp. It conjures of loads of ideas. I can't wait to purchase one. Great work Neil!

  2. The stamp looks great Neil - I haven't had time to play yet :(


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