Tuesday, 7 August 2012

French (German) House Number

You can see that our house number is not very inspiring ............but not for much longer!!
Any artist or crafter I know loves the blue enameled house numbers. A lot of people refer to them as French house numbers, but in German villages you can still find the old enameled house numbers and street names too (rather than the cheaper looking new version)
I have created this house number with my favourite blue WOW embossing powder Primary Lagoon. I cut the number and frame out with a cutting machine then covered the background with two layers of Primary Lagoon. The frame and numbers were covered in two layers of white embossing powder.

I glued the number and frame to the blue background. It can sometimes be tricky to glue onto an embossed surface as it become non-porous. You can use specialist glues for non porous surfaces. I found, that a mixture of your normal crafting glue and book binding glue works very well. I use a mix of 1:1.

To finish off, I unified the two elements by coating them in 2 layers of clear embossing powder and added four brads I had laying around. Et voila! Pretty realistic looking.


  1. C'est magnifique! I'd be interested to see how well it weathers too :)


  2. The house number sign looks like a really authentic french number plaque, well done!


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