Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Layered Embossed Hearts ATC's by Jaine

I know I'm a bit of a rebel and have been known on...let's say...more than one or two occasions, to go totally againsed the rules, but this time I think the results are worth it! At my workshops I'm always saying, the rules are there to be broken and for those of us with challenging and enquiring minds we can achieve some wonderful things.

On this occasion I was experimenting with layers of embossing powders and decided to push it as far as I could take it by over heating and blending powders into one another. One of the basic rules of heat embossing is to not over heat your work for fear of it splitting and separating out the oils and colours. Letting one colour melt into another is very satisfying indeed.

For this project I found that you really need a sturdy piece of plain card, watercolour or mixed media card is good otherwise it'll start to bend and buckle under the layers. I also discovered that to help me achieve a deeper first layer I could use a brand new Embossing Tool by Seth Apter called the Mixed Media Embossing Brush. It has a brush rather like a nail varnish allowing a thicker layer to be brushed over the surface

I die cut three hearts from this card and brushed each one with Embossing ink using the Embossing Brush. Of course until you can get your hands on this amazing tool the same effect can be achieved with a regular embossing pad, you may just need more than one layer. I embossed with Primary Fuchsia Fusion, notice how using the brush leaves the surface pitted as it's not evenly spread.

Once I'd embossed with my pink layer I took the Reinker Tool and rolled on Embossing ink in a random manner. I embossed this using Metallic Gold Rich powder and as I heated watched the Gold being sucked in by the layer underneath. I love that effect.

For my ATC's I took a pre painted piece of card and cut it into three ATC sized pieces. I took the beautiful mandala stamp from Karen and stamped this off the side of each ATC and embossed with Ebony Powder. I flicked over some black drawing ink and used my Brush Tool once again to go around the edges and embossed this with more Gold.

To finish I simply added some scribbles with a pencil, my hearts and added some typed words. I backed all of the ATC's onto black card and then onto a second piece of white folded card to make them really stand out.

I hope you have a go for yourself and discover how much fun it is to layer embossing powders or sometimes break the rules!

Jaine x

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  1. This is so pretty and shiny Jaine with all the different embossing powders and the shiny black inked and embossed mandalas go beautifully. x


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