Video: Silhouette Heat Embossing with Verity

Hello, it's Verity with another video and blog post as a Creative team member for WOW! I have several ways to use silhouette heat embossing on your cards with two very easy techniques and one slightly more advanced, you'll find one that suits your style. Silhouette heat embossing allows your heat embossing to take centre stage in your paper crafting and can compliment any occasion.

Silhouette heat embossing Video Tutorial:

(You can view this directly on WOW! Embossing Powder YouTube Channel HERE)

 Silhouette heat embossing written tutorial:

Silhouette heat embossing with stencils

To start off the first technique uses stencils to create the silhouette heat embossing. For this card, we're using the Altenew Exotic tulip mask stencil. Mask stencils are perfect for this technique as they've got large negative spaces to create the silhouette.

Tape the stencil down on top of some watercolour cardstock and cover over the other areas of the stencil as you only need the large tulip flower head. Next, using WOW! Clear ultra slow dry embossing ink pad, push the pad down over the negative area to transfer ink onto the card. 

After removing the stencil, cover this in Oasis embossing powder, which is a gorgeous strong bright teal colour.  Then using the dual-speed heat gun on setting two, heat set the powder. This masked stencil also allows you to add onto the stem to the flower. As the stem is much thinner, use a sponge dauber by pressing the dauber into the pad and the sponger ink over the stem. This was covered with Metallic Platinum powder and heat set.

To create the background, smoosh ink onto a non-porous surface and sprtiz with water. The ink used here were Juniper Mist and All that Jazz from Catherine Pooler Designs. Next, take the card and smoosh it into the ink

Silhouette heat embossing with simple stamping 

For the second technique, we are using simple stamping to create the silhouette. When using stamps for silhouettes, you need to look for solid images and the Altenew Leaf Cluster stamp set is great for this.

 Position of the leaves over a white card panel and close the door of the Misti to pick up the stamps.  Stamp the images ink a dark in -  using Juniper Mist again. And once you have good coverage, you need to leave the stamps and card panel in the same position.

Clean off the stamps to remove any ink. Next, ink up the stamps up again but with your ultra slow drying embossing ink from WOW. As you've not moved the card panel or the stamps, you can close your Misti door and stamp directly over the stamped leaves.

Cover this with clear gloss embossing powder, and heat set it with your dual speed heat gun. This will give you a love glossy finish but the colour of the ink will shine through as it is a clear powder. 

To add more drama to the background, you can now apply ink around the edges with a blending tool as the embossing will resist the ink colour. Using All that Jazz first, soften the colour up as you move in towards the middle. Next, go in with Juniper Mist to darken up the edges.  

Silhouette heat embossing with double stamping

For the last technique, we're using double stamping for the silhouette heat embossing. When you wish to do this technique you need to look for stamps where the outline of the photopolymer mimics that of the stamped imaged. Some stamps will not have the same shape as the actual stamped image.

Using the flower from the Mama Elephant Pretty Lovely stamp set, position this with the normal stamp side of the stamp facing upwards, so positioning it the wrong side down on the cardstock. Next, close the Misti door to pick up the stamp then cover the back of the stamp which is now accessible with clear ultra slow drying embossing ink.

When you close the Misti to stamp, the ink from the back of the stamp transfers to the paper. This was then covered with Oceanic embossing powder, a gorgeous dark blue teal and heat set. As you can see, we now have a silhouette of the flower heat embossed, and not the lines of the flower stamp.

However, it looks a little plain here and may not be obvious what it is meant to be. So there is a way to add the stamping over the top - as we stamp the back of the stamp we need to stamp the mirror image of the flower. Position the card back into the Misti and position the stamp back over the heat embossing so the back of the stamp is lying onto the heat embossing.

For the next step you need a solid block stamp - My Favourite Things have a mirror image stamp block that is great for this. Position the mirror image stamp over the silhouette and close the door so this Misti picks this stamp up. Now apply ink to the flower but to prevent getting extra ink on the card panel, do this off to one side. You need to apply the ink to the lined side of the stamp, the right side of the stamp.

With the ink applied, put the stamp back over the silhouette as you did previously with the back of the stamp facing downwards and close the door. The ink from the flower stamp will now transfer onto the mirror image stamp. Open up the Misti again to remove the flower stamp and close the door again to transfer the ink from the mirror image stamp to on top of the heat embossing.

This was covered in Metallic Platinum and then heat set and as you can see the line image of the flower now sits perfectly in the silhouette and shines beautifully. 

Finishing the cards

For the stencil card, I mentioned I die cut a circle from the background and wanted to add a circle frame over the top. To step the frame up, I smooshed ink onto the circle and covered this with metallic platinum sparkle which has glitter in it.

A tip for heat embossing Embossing Glitters is to heat from underneath. This allows the powder to melt and trap the glitter in it. If you heat from above you can start to blow the glitter off before the powder has had a chance to melt.

The double embossed silhouette was adhered to a white card and a white die cut frame which was scored at 1/4 horizontally was foam mounted over the top.

All three cards were finished off with a white heat embossed the sentiment and a selection of the Nuvo drops were added in a range of colours.

Silhouette heat embossing Supplies:

Other supplies used:
Stamps used: Leaf Clusters (Altenew), Pretty Lovely (Mama Elephant)
Stencils: Exotic Tulips mask stencil (Altenew)
Inks: All That Jazz, Juniper Mist, BlackJack (Catherine Pooler Designs)

I hope you enjoyed today's video and stay tuned for more to come. If you make a card with this technique, make sure to tag us #wowembossingpowder so we can check your creations out!

Till next week,


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  1. Three beautiful cards Verity but my favourite is the dramatic look of the second with the pretty black silhouette glossy leaves and the two wonderful shades of blue ink blending into the background. x

    1. Thanks Pat, yes that one is my favourite one too!


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