VIDEO: Mixed Media Heat Embossing

 You will see a lot of dirty hands from me today :) I'm going to share Mixed Media Artist Trading Coins with you. Hope you'll enjoy.

*** VIDEO ***

First I cut circles with a diameter of 2.5 inches, once from cardboard and once from cardstock, I glued them together for more stability. Everything has to be primed, for this I used white and black gesso. When everything is dry, I glued elements on, wood and textured tape, lace, which gives a great effect at the end. This will be completely primed again, in white or black. Then I have used another modelingpaste. It is transparent and I put small balls into it. 

I choose flower stamps from Rubberdance and some leftover gel prints. I love the texture and patterns, have you ever tested this? It is fabulous. Now we stamp the flowers directly onto the gel print. I still use the Anti Static Powder Tool, then we stamp and I use the WOW Metallic Gold Rich Super Fine Embossing Powder. I do this several times now because I need some flowers. Sometimes bigger, sometimes smaller, sometimes on different paper. I cut out the flowers with scissors.

Next I took Gilding Wax and colored the circles with it. Not too much, do it with feeling, you do it best with your fingers, not with a brush. You can also wear gloves, no problem. There is no right or wrong, you do it the way you like it, right? That is the most important thing, always. 

As you can see, on black it always looks different, it's wonderful to see this blue, even in the combination with gold, isn't it?

I used some cord and wrapped it around the circles, I glue the flowers with hot glue, careful! The embossing can get very hot or liquid again. Please take care!! 

Now let's go on to another part of the WOW Embossing Powder, this one, by Seth Apter is beautiful and will give the perfect addition. I used a piece of bubble foil, just press it into the ink pad and transfer, sprinkle the powder on and emboss. 

I hope you had fun and will do it once. Have a good time, stay safe and be creative, see you soon


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  1. Very pretty AT Coins and the corrugations really add texture and the embossing is gorgeous over all that texture. Beautiful results Dunja. x


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