Summer Dandelions by Jaine

The theme this month is 'Favourite Stamps' and one of mine is 'Make A Wish' set which has summer written all over it! What could be more beautiful than a dandelion head in the summer sun, ready to burst at any breath of wind?

Creating a watercolour background keeps the main design simple and is a lovely way to show off the Rose Gold powder. Luckily I already had the scrapbook embellishments in my stash which went perfectly with the design. 

What's your favourite WOW! stamp set?



  1. Oh what a completely gorgeous card. The colours of the background work so well, especially the little bit of orange. (To be totally honest though, apart from the sentiment I can't
    see where else you've used the rose gold EP, it might be because I'm on my phone lol).
    I might have to do one similar to this, Thank you for the inspiration xx

    1. Thank you and you're welcome, actually the Rose Gold is on the dandelions themselves. xx


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