Monday, 10 December 2018

The pale moon - a canvas project by Riikka Kovasin

Moikka! This month's theme of silver and gold inspired me to go celestial with my challenge project and I continue that theme in my post. Although I use gold in my projects, if I'd need to choose between the two I'd definitely go with silver. It's the same with the sun and the moon - if I could choose my daily schedule, it would be that of an owl. I like night time and would love to stay up late and sleep in but that isn't possible with two kids and a job with day shifts. 

So with those inspirations - silver and moon - I created this canvas piece. I couldn't decide between a crescent moon and a full one so I did both! They are done using different Wow products so you get two ideas in the price of one. 

I also had a very clear idea of the black background in my mind. I wanted it to have a blue glaze on top so it would look dark and almost black, but put it on an angle and you see the blue hues. So I used translucent powders on top of black layer to create that look. You can see the black through the powders but still they add that blue hue to it.

If you want to see how I created the piece, please see the video below!

With this project I also want to say a happy Holidays and sweet New Year to you all! It's also a kind of farewell project as I'm not continuing in the design team during 2019. But I might just pop in to share something also in here Wow's blog so it's not a total goodbye! 

Thank you all so much for your comments along the years! It really has been a wonderful ride to be here. I hope I have inspired you and I'll be seeing you around the blog world! Ta ta for now and let's not be strangers! 

Xoxo Riikka

Materials from Wow Embossing Powder:


  1. Sad to see you leave the DT Riika, but good luck for the future. This is a gorgeous canvas and definitely has the look of night time with the crescent moon and the full moon, and love the added embellishments. I am definitely a night owl and am at the time of life when I can stay up late and sleep in if I wish which is lucky for me, though getting older has its drawbacks which you are not old enough to worry about x

  2. A lovely and original piece, the textures are gorgeous! Happy Christmas and good luck on your next adventures!


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