Metallic "Hello" cards by Riikka

Moikka! It's Riikka here today. I know you are going to be surprised by the project I created this time. Not only I made a minimalist card but with a video! Please let me know if you prefer the step by step styled tutorials or video form. I don't promise anything, but will then do my best to make more of those tutorials!

I wanted to keep things a bit simpler this time with the metallic theme. Naturally I could have created something like the canvas I did back in October last year (link), but I had this idea of painted glass windows I wanted to try out. I used a transparency as my base and started layering different powders on top. The key element is the transparency - it needs to cope with warmth so something meant for laser printing is ideal.

By using a stylized stamp and black embossing powder as the first medium and then delicately filling in the design with colored powders you could create something like the famous Rose Window of Notre Dame. And if you only use translucent powders when coloring, you could even skip the gesso in the back and just let the light shine through the piece.

If you wish to see, how I made the orange card, please see the video below! 

As you can see from the first picture of this post and the detail shots, I did another card also. For that I used the pieces that were left over when making the first card. It's a "waste non" style creation and creates a totally different look than the one with just one block of embossed transparency. 

If you were inspired by the creation and wish to add to your stash of Wow powders and supplies, I have a lovely code for you! By using "WOWDTRK" at check out in either the UK or US store, you'll get a 10% off! Isn't that nice? So use the links below in the linkdeli to get shopping!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a colorful September! 

Xoxo Riikka

Materials from Wow:


  1. TFS a video of how you made these beautiful cards Riikka, and the colourful heat embossing using the stencil and random coloured EP's is very pretty on the HR acetate. x

  2. Very cool technique, thanks for making the video too! I like watching a video of the process first then having written instructions to refer to as I'm working on the project. I love how these cards came out and can't wait to try these.


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