Thursday, 23 February 2017

It Will Show You The Way Altered Box

Hi crafty friends!

It's Fran with you today and I hope you are well and feeling creative. My post today features plenty of bling and shine with this cute box / card combo I created using WOW's new Sparkles glitter.

My substrate was just a plain old gift box I'd saved which I painted with chalk paint. I used Peppermint Stick glitter over stenciling details and added a touch of Perissa embossing powder onto the stones which surround the flowers.

Adding pink and a deep purple inks into the glitter gives a tint and a more blended, softer look to the Sparkles.

Open the box to find a micro greeting card inside! The card is decorated with a heart covered in both Peachy Keen and Prom Queen Sparkles glitter . I softened the heart outline with stones and the Perissa embossing powder which was used on the front of the box.


I stamped the sides of the box with the lines and brush strokes stamps from WOW's new release Wall Art set. I think they work really well together, creating an almost basket weave pattern.

See how the glitter lifts everything? Just by added small touches of it here and there makes a big difference to projects!

I hope my project today has got your inspiration and creativity flowing!


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  1. This is very bright and pretty Fran and with lots of fabulous detail, and gorgeous inside and out. x

  2. Fran, your altered box is just beautiful!

    BTW, I have been checking back regularly since but has the draw ever taken place from Feb 1st for that blog hop? I am just curious and cannot find it. Was hopping you could tell me where else to look for the winners if it has been done? Thanks!


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