Wednesday, 10 December 2014

20 years later

A few weeks ago something amazing happened to me. I got a letter in the mail and when I opened it I got the best surprise. 20 years ago when I was 17 years old I got a chance to write a letter to myself and it would be delivered to me 20 years later, that is now. I had forgotten I even wrote it but after some research I found out that we were about 20 000 high school kids that posted the letter to ourselves and the letters were kept at a museum waiting to be sent out. So, I got this letter and started reading it, and it was so much fun because a lot of memories came right back. I wanted to keep it in a safe place so when I saw this months theme I decided to make a layout and attach the letter. It was perfect. I even wrote about my hair and could find a picture taken at about the same time as I wrote the letter. Perfect!

So, this is me at 17. And no, I don't have any hair. This was 1994 and Sinead O'Connor was big at the time and you could wear everything from plaid shirts to bike pants, even together. According to my letter I was interested in hanging with my friends, boys and music. Also bad poetry. I was living in my first own apartment. I loved punk, death metal and 80's heavy metal. Among other things. And as you can see on the envelope I have changed my name since. 

This is one of my favourite ways to use embossing powder and if you haven't tried yet you really should. I take a die cut and cover it in embossing powder and melt. More layers makes it kind of puffy and nice. And you can use more than one color too, just make sure to put away the leftovers of one color before pouring the other. Or you can make blends which turns out really beautiful. Or try the Verdigris blend, its beautiful!

Even the details from diecutting shows up when you use a super fine powder. The feather below has a debossed line in the middle and it still shows after heat embossing, really cool!

I wanted the decos to match the gold thread so I picked a gold powder close in color. It really transforms the diecuts.

After getting the letter I realised I might have been a bit on the wild side but I was kind of smart too. I gave good advise, even though some parts of the letter was kind of cringeworthy.

WOW Supplies used: WOW Metallic Gold Rich Super Fine Embossing Powder

I wish you happy holidays and a very happy new year since I'm not back until January.


  1. What a fun experience this must have been to receive that forgotten letter. The fact that you were able to find a photo from the time period, and then use it in a beautiful, appropriate layout makes it even more special. Nice work!

  2. I really enjoyed this post Maya, it must have been a fabulous surprise to receive the letter, what a great thing to be organised for you! Love your heat embossing too! x


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