My favourite things

Hello all, Nataliya is here!
I have long wondered what I love the most. But have not decided :)
So I'll tell you about a few of my favourite things:
- embossing glitter
- metallic powder
- making background
And, of course, I love butterflies :)

In this card I used a lot of WOW! EP :)
First of all, Red Metalline for the base and chipboard frame;
Vanilla White for an inscription;
Vintage Romance & Melt-It! Powder for dots;
Vintage Candy Cane to create a background;and Collage stamp for the tag.

And some tips for you, about how I made this background :)
Step1 - blots

Step2 - masking

Step3 - sprinkle the powder

Step4 - stamping

Step5 - more blots with another color

Have a good day with your favorite things :)


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