Monday, 14 April 2014

Pinterest-Worthy Pins - a Metal Project for WOW!

At least a decade has passed since all the hype of "Flair" hit the big screen in the movie, "The Office". Collecting or earning buttons and badges, wearing buttons, pinning buttons to 'real' bulletin board have been fads we've all been through over time. More recently, my latest fascination with buttons and badges has been in paper crafts!
Paper craft badges on Pinterest from various Manufacturers

The touch of color these button (or badge) embellishments add are fun and simple to recreate with your WOW Powders and some metal disks.

Here are a few I made using a white Ultra High powder for texture and washi tape, a new vibrant pink called Fuschsia Fusion with wording in white Sharpie, and a more country-style, distressed looking Blueberry pin (older powder from the Pantry collection) that was inspired by a badge I saw online.

You can upcycle small buttons (pull off the pins with some pliers), or small flat disks, or some plain button covers. Button covers are available at the sewing notions store. I happened to have a few in my stash from an Imaginisce I-Top Tool kit. 

The steps are simple. Find your inspiration. Gather your supplies.

Tap the face of your button onto a Versamark ink pad, coat with your favorite Wow powder, and shake off the excess powder. I suggest using tweezers or attaching your button to a stick (ruler, coffee stirrer) to hold your button while you heat set it. The heat gun will both melt the powder and heat the metal so it will be too hot to hold with your fingers!


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