Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tiffany Windowdecoration created with children

Hi everyone!

Have you seen our fab new them at our monthly challenge? It´s
Family Projects
So I deside to work with my 9 years old son for this project. It´s suitable for childrens (and adults) from about 4 years +
My son and I created a Tiffany windowdecoration. It looks like real Tiffany glas art but with out the danger of cuting  little fingers with sharp glas parts.

All what you need are WOW! Melt it , Glitter and Embossing Powders, some sticky foil, baking paper and the oven in your kitchen (heatguns are not suitabel for this project!!!)

If you want to know how this works just read more!

Well, it´s as easy as 1-2-3. Childrens can make most parts of this project by them self but please don´t leaf them alone with hot surfaces and the oven!

Take your Melting Powder and put some of it on a sheet of paking paper on a paking tray just as on the photo.
Put some of the powders and glitters on it. You can play with colours and designs.

Preheat your oven at about 150°C. After preheating put the baking tray with your creation into the oven. It will need some minutes befor the powders start to melt. Wait until all powders are melted and the surface is  flat and looks glosy.

Remove the baking tray from your oven and wait until everything has cooled down . Now you will see a result like on my photo. It looks like liquid but it is not!

It´s time for prepare your Tiffany glas by just crack and break small parts. You must not be afraid your childrens can´t cut there fingers as the powders don´t break with a sharp breakline. They can do this by them self.
Now draw a star on the baking paper you have used befor and stick the parts on it just like on the photo.
I have used simple PVA glue, that works perfectly.

Now you must add the sticky foil. This is important not only for looking good but also for more stability as the baking paper allone is to soft. At least you can add some more decoration ore ribbon for hang it on the window.


  1. What a stunning idea - perfect Christmas decoration :)


  2. amazing sounding project - one to try with my two I think!!! Lol! Hugs rachel - p.s. has the post from the first been updated yet? We still don;t know who won!!!


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