Tuesday, 14 May 2013

3D Project - Bracelet with Embossing Powder inset

Hi again, Chris here with this month's theme a "3D project".

I chose to alter an old bracelet that I had lurking in my broken jewellery box and make it into something wearable again and unique. 

The bracelet had lost it's inserts so I melted some Seafoam White, Clear and Pastel Blue Embossing powders in a Melt Pot and mixed them together with a silicone spatula.  Once mixed I poured the melted powders into the spaces where the jewels had fallen out. Once the powders had cooled, I then re-heated the top of each section with a WoW Heat Gun and dropped on some coloured  Guilding Flakes to decorate the melted powders. 

Once cooled I added some 3D Gloss Varnish which sealed in the Guilding Flakes and also hardened to a lovely glossy shine.

 Hey presto - a new bracelet to wear out on those special occasions. Off to look around the house now to see what else I can make usable again or alter and recycle.  

Products used :  WoW Heat Gun
                          Seafoam White Embossing Powder
                          Pastel Blue


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