Where There Is Love...There Is WOW!

In general, Valentine's Day passes as most other days in our household. There are two main reasons why it doesn't live up to the hype for us. The first good reason is that we believe every day should include at least a hug, a kiss and an "I love you". The second is that within 2 weeks, my husband and I celebrate our "first date anniversary". We were together for 5 years before getting married and I want that time to count! So every year, that is our special time to focus on each other. A couple of weeks ago, the realization came to me that I have been with my husband over half my life now!! WOW!!

Inspired by my WOW! Moment and thinking about the coming event, I put together a little album where I will write some personal sentiments reminiscing on when we began our happily ever after.

On the front cover of the album, I attempted the latest Chalkboard technique. Another one of our designers shared a tutorial on this a few weeks ago.

I heat embossed in opaque bright white the hearts from WOW's Gratitude stamp set and the "LOVE" sentiment from the Love Beyond Measure stamp set. I also used our embossing pen to hand draw the ribbon and rest of the quote. Then I heat embossed it again with Opaque bright white.

I'm showing a little bit of WOW's newest glitter embossing powder called Vodka Sparkle. This is part of the Girl's Night Out limited edition collection. Isn't it delicious? I use it throughout the album to touch up some of the embellishments I use.

For the background pages of the album, I used one of the Funky Border Strips stamps with a lovely script text. On the right side page, I used the Flowers stamp set within a heart shaped mask.You can also see hearts embossed on top of my first layer of stamping. I used Bubble Gum from the Suzy West Candy Counter collection with the stacked hearts from the Gratitude stamp set.

The button in the center of the bow was made with WOW's new Melt-It powder. In combination with a teaspoon or Melt It and a tad each (a little less than 1/8 teaspoon) of clear, pastel peach and Vodka Sparkle from the WOW Collection, I melted the powders and poured it into a mold from Martha Stewart.

By shaping the curly border stamp on a large acrylic block, I was able to follow the shape of the heart to add a unique border to the album pages.

Here's a little more of Vodka Sparkle on a white fabric flower I used underneath the paper rose.

I love the way this album turned out...in under 2 hours! It was so easy to create background pages with the borders stamps and some eye-popping bright white. The Vodka Sparkle was fun to play with, but there's so much more to do with these glitter powders! I can't wait to start on a St. Patrick's Day something or another project with the other glitter collection - Desert Sands - that has rich gold colors.