Thursday, 14 June 2012

Steampunk Pendant

This time of year is perfect for sweet little sundresses and lower necklines, but I am always looking for some WOW jewelry to go with it for any occasion.  I had a Tim Holtz watch pendant that I was just itching to alter!

I added some embossing ink to the inside and added a layer of Clear Ultra High powder!  Once that was heated through, I added more to the hot powder and kept repeating the process until I had good coverage.    

 Gears, bird charm, and letter... Oh my!  I added Tim Holtz gears, watch parts, metal letter, and a metal bird charm in layers.  Every time I added one, I added more clear powder. 
 Finally, I added a sprinkle of Metallic Platinum Sparkle to create a bit of shimmer to the mix!  I love the look of resin jewelry but HATE waiting for it to dry!  The clear Ultra High is perfect because it dries so fast once you heat it up!  It's amazing for embedding items into layers.
 I had these jewelry pieces for awhile and the pendant was the crowning touch!  I will definitely be making more jewelry with WOW powders!


  1. This is really lovely.
    Another WOW !

  2. Jen, this is just awesome, looks so cool! I love it!


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