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Hello Wow blog readers...

It's Sarah here and I've been playing with the Wow stamps and embossing powders to create a fabulous British themed project. With all the wonderful celebrations that we had earlier this month, I was invited along to a themed Jubilee party and encouraged to wear Red, White & Blue. I sorted my outfit but wanted something unique to complete the look and that's when I had the idea of creating my own earrings...

Looking at the telephone box from the 'Call Me' Wow Stamp Set, I thought if this was used on Heat Shrink paper, it would become the perfect size for some cool British themed earrings.

I stamped the image with clear ink and covered with 'Wow Apple Red Embossing Powder'
Don't worry if your stamped image looks like this…
 ...the clear heat shrink paper has a lot of static but if you heavily tap the edge of the paper a few times, the powder falls off the non inked area's. It is best to have a very light covering of powder anyway for when the embellishment shrinks in the heating process.
I carefully punched a hole just above the telephone box (remember that the hole size will shrink too so a standard size hole punch works out to be the perfect size). I then cut around the telephone box and hole leaving a 2mm edge from the powder. Be careful not to dislodge the powder at the stage as it has not been heat set.

Place the stamped images onto a tray and bake in an oven at a moderate temperature for a couple of minutes. The heat shrink paper reduces size and shrinks to about a 7th of the size but also becomes 7 times thicker. You can also use a heat gun to shrink the items if you prefer.

Thread your mini embellishment onto an earring hook and close with pliers.

Here's a handy list of the Wow products that I used:
'Call Me' Wow Stamp Set
'Wow Apple Red Embossing Powder' 

I'm thinking I might make a pair in Wow Process Blue colour for my 'Doctor Who' obsessed friend! :D


  1. Now we know the Dr Who fan is you! lol - Great project Sarah; I've never used embossing powder on shrink plastic before shrinking before; for some reason I didn't think it would work - my lesson for today :-) x

  2. Ooohhhhh, you have reignited my obsession for shrink plastic! I want to miniaturise everything now! *ewil laugh*

  3. Who'd have thought everything would cook at the same time - and to perfection too!


  4. I know a couple of people who would go crazy over these. Great job!

  5. What a funny idea! I love it! xx Bianca


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