Forget Cards, make CARS!!!

Hi! This is Bianca. Our blog theme for May is "Male Projects". So I thought to my self "forget cards, make CARS" ;o)
This super fast car of my son got a cool new look just with using WOW! Embossing Powders

I have used:
WOW! Powders in:

my heat tool, an embossing inkpad and a toy car

If you want to know how this was made please klick on read more!

This is my sons toy car

First clean the surface of the car and if it´s possible remove the body as it´s more easy to add the powders this way.

First you have to embosse the surface in the colours you like with two layers of powders. Than you can start to paint the fire (ore what ever you want) on the surface.

Be shure one colour is melted befor you start to paint the next colour.

You can add small lines with markers in the end  but take care if you are a mom of 3 boys as I am ...

... as somebody will watch what you do all the time. That was the last time I have seen this car ;o)


  1. What a great, and original, idea for pimping a ride!

  2. B, this is brilliant you clever thing!

    PS: your son is so adorable

  3. Pimp your toy car 101. Love it! Tolle Idee Bianca!!!

  4. Thanks all! I´m glad you like this idea. My son´s love it too, next time they want to pimp up there cars them self. Oh NO!!! ;o)


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