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Saturday, 4 February 2012

A Mother's Day Bouquet

A Mother's Day Bouquet by design team member, Neil Burley

Hi again! Once my eyes had adjusted to the fluorescent palette, there was only one project I could think of to showcase their wonderful zingy colours. This cheerful bouquet is packaged in a self-closing box made from a single A4 sheet of photocopy acetate (heat-proof). The bouquet itself is made from white card, two Wow! stamp sets and Wow! Fluorescent Embossing Powders mounted on a cone of card to get the height.

Here's how I did it:

Firstly, I constructed the box using my own pattern (available from the Templates section of my blog). Cut out the pattern from heat-proof acetate sheet, and score all the lines. If you have a laser printer, you can print the outline directly onto the acetate, but this will leave the lines visible, as in my example. I used the Wow! 'Brocade' stamp and a clear embossing ink to ink up the panels either side of the join and then embossed them with Wow! Clear Sparkle Embossing Glitter.

Though Wow! Embossing Powders are low static, acetate picks up fingerprints much more than paper or card. Use an anti-static bag to remove these and any other sticky marks.

Glue the tab down with a suitable glue or high strength double sided sticky tape. Once dry, fold the bottom tabs inward and hook together. Cut out a pentagon base from stiff card (template available here) and stick down on the inside of the box with high strength double sided table.

Next, prepare all your flowers and leaves. I used the Wow! 'Fauna' and Wow! 'How Does Your Garden Grow?' stamp sets and the Wow! Fluorescent Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue and Green Embossing Powders. Stamp each flower several times onto white card using a clear embossing ink and then cover them all with your chosen colour. Tap off the excess, heat set and allow to cool. Cut out each flower/leaf and shape them slightly by rolling the edges between your finger and thumb or bending up the petals.

Cut out a quadrant shape of card and curl it to form a cone before sticking it down onto a second pentagon base - this allows you to drop the completed bouquet into the box. Stick down the flowers and leaves using Ranger's Glossy Accents or other suitable glue - I stuck flowers to leaves and the centre of the pink flowers uses the smaller version of the flower stamp. The centre of each flower has been highlighted with a drop of Liquid Pearls in Lemon Yellow and Pastel Raspberry.

Once everything is dry, drop the bouquet into the box, close up the top by latching the hooks round the centre and add a suitable peel off greeting to the front panel.

Here's the view from the back to show the cone, and the swirls of the clear sparkle embossing glitter:

[Total time to make: approx. 2 hours]

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  1. Love the design Neil and even though you would think the colours would be too much they work lovely together.

    1. They do seem to get on with each other :)
      Thanks for your feedback

  2. Lovely Design Neil, may have to have a play with your template. x

  3. Fantastic project. Love the design and such a good use of the colours.

  4. Your projects are fab! I love the flowers and the todorial! xx Bianca

    1. Thanks Bianca - the stamps are fab for the flowers :)