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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Storing your Wow! Embossing Powders

It’s tricky to know how to store your collection of Wow! Embossing Powders – some jars have labels on the top, some powders look the same when heat set, others don’t. Are you a rummager or do you like things to be visible and easily reached? This is the solution our design team member, Neil Burley, came up with when he received the design team pack and decided to get organised:


All of the powder jars are top down in a 10 litre Really Useful Box. Individual samples of each powder are stuck to the bottom of the jars. This has a number of advantages:
  • When moving the box around, the jars are more stable on their lids
  • The base of each jar has a dimple on it, so the samples should be more protected from scrapes
  • All of the samples are visible allowing quick selection
  • An accurate ‘final colour’ is visible as not all powders heat set the same as in the jar
  • Some jars are labelled on the lid - none are labelled on the base!

Here's how to do it:

First, make your discs - 3/4 inch (2cm) diameter or smaller. Neil used a Cricut machine with the George & Basic Shapes cartridge to do his. A circular paper punch would work well too. Some colours look better on black paper, others on white, so do some of both.

Next, hold the disc on one edge and press onto your embossing ink pad so that just over half of the disc is inked up. Alternatively, use an embossing ink pen to draw a circle in the middle.
This is how it should look, with a nice glossy sticky area of ink and a small tab where you'll be writing the powder details on later.
Tweezers are handy at this stage! Dip the inked end of the disc into your embossing powder.
Make sure you dip it right in, and press the inked side toward the powder to make sure you get good coverage.
Pull out your disc and gently tap off any excess on the side of the jar. Heat set the powder, and allow to cool completely before labelling with the powder details.
Replace the lid firmly onto the jar before turning upside down! Using a suitable glue (Ranger Glossy Accents works well), stick your disc to the bottom of the jar.

Ta da! Repeat as required ;)

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  1. Fantastic Neil - can you do mine for me??!

  2. That´s really a great idea Neil!

  3. It's quite quick once you get started and into the flow...

  4. My goodness, this is so super organised! And such a fantastic way to become acquainted with each pot of deliciousness!