Glintz Colours On Collage by Jaine


I love a bit of collage and for a while now I've been meaning to try out one of the black pages in my Prima Mixed Media journal. I gathered together a few neutral papers like coffee dyed paper, a dried out tea bag, some calico and a few smaller bits and pieces with the same colour theme. 

I thought the new Glintz colours would look amazing on some of these different backgrounds especially as they have a pearly finish on some gorgeous subtle colours. 


I wasn't disappointed with the results. Below you can see the Oyster on black which is hardly there at all in certain light.

 The Rose Glintz too blends in to this piece of coffee dyed paper and harmonizes with the postage stamp in the centre of the page.

I was most curious to see how the Aztec would look on the coffee paper and I deliberately chose a piece with a huge coffee stain on the side.

It came out beautifully with a subtle shine of coppery pink.


I thoroughly enjoyed putting this page together with some stitching, washi tape and  subtle splashes of colour provided by the Glintz powders. 

Why don't you give stamping on black or neutral tones a go. It's a bit different than white and I'm sure you'll be more than happy with the result.

Products used;  Oyster Glintz Powder, Inca Glintz, Aztec Glintz and Rose Glintz which you can find here as well as the Wall Art stamps set.

Jaine x


  1. What a wonderful collage piece Jaine and love the texture you have got with the stitching and the layering of all the pieces on to black card using these great neutrals and the Glintz powders are so pretty. x

    1. Thank you Pat. I truly enjoyed putting this piece together and seeing how the Glintz powders would come out over the dark surfaces. Thank you for commenting.x


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