Tuesday, 15 June 2021

Reel | Easy Ombré Card

Hello Everyone!

Martina here with you with another Reel on the WOW Instagram

This month we are focusing on "Ombré" and "Slimline" projects.

I used to create mostly slimine cards for a long time but am (at the moment) more gravitated towards cards in US A2 or Euro A6. That's why I have created this Ombré card in a different format.

Using a piece of WOW Cardstock as my card base and the pannel I have been working on, I have been starting by adhering my stencil on the paper.
I usually use Washi Tape or another low tack tape to do so.

Then I have been applying the WOW Embossing Ink with a Blender Brush.
I think blender Brushes are the perfect tool to get into the smallest details of stencils when applying the Ink.

When the whole background has been covered with Embossing Ink, I have been carefully lifting the stencil away.

And then - it's time for some fun!

I have been using the colour in the middle first, so I can try to keep the segments of the colours as equal as possible.
I have simply been pouring Embossing Powder to the middle of the prepared background and turned the cardstock quickly around to get all the loose powder off  the Cardstock before adding the next colour.

It's a really easy, fast and fun technique to bring in more than only one colour to your backgrounds.

For the butterfly, I have been using a die on cardstock on which I had already applied a sheet of double sided adhesihe. This gives the most perfect stickers to add the amazing Sparkles!

That sparkly butterfly adds so much to the lovely background...
I totally love it!

And that's it for today!

Thank you so much for stopping by!



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  1. I love the embossing through the pretty stencil and the ombre effect using three beautiful blue tones Martina and the pretty white layered die cut butterfly looks great over the top. x

  2. Thank you so much Pat!! I really appreciate your feedback!


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