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Let's get ORGANIZED with Nicci Battilana

Are you like me? 
I made this GREAT embossing powder swatch chart at the end of last year to be glance at and select which powders I want to use on a product. 
I love my chart! 
The only catch is that once I have selected from my chart, I have to search in my drawer to find the jar of powder that matches my  Sometimes it feels like I am hunting for Waldo... ha ha ha. 

Well, I thought I should FIX that!
Let's create some JOY 
in our art & craft spaces.

Today, I am creating colour swatch labels to attach onto the top of my jar lids. 
Below I just have a few easy steps for you to follow and then you will may find yourself even just glancing at your collection for some visual JOY! lol

WHAT YOU NEED:  You only require a few supplies to create your very own swatch labels. One or two sheets of smooth card stock in white and in black, double sided tape, clear drying craft glue, 2 different sized hole punches (these are optional, as you can always hand cut white circles and then smaller stripes or squares of black card stock), scissors, tweezers, small stamping block, a small stamp that fits your pieces of white card stock, WOW! embossing pad & your WOW! heating tool.
NOTE: The circle hole punch sizes that I used are 5/8 inch and 1 inch.

1. Count your WOW! jars to see how many labels you need to create. 
TIP: It is always good to make extras to keep on hand for when you add some more colours to your collection.

2. Once you have cut out all of your white and black cardstock, you can begin gluing them together. One black piece attached to one white piece (watch the video above for visual references). Let them dry. 
TIP: If you have many labels to create, the production will go faster, if you treat it as though it were an assembly line. For example, cut out all of you pieces, then glue your pieces together, then cut all of your double sided tape pieces and attach them to the jar lids... and so on.

3. Load your chosen stamp with embossing fluid from your pad.

4. Take one of your newly created labels and place it face down on your stamp. Press it down to make sure that you get the best coverage possible, as that thin layer of black cardstock does create a ridge and therefore a empty air space.

5. Gently release the card stock from your stamp, if it sticks. With your tweezers pick up your stamped label by the smallest area you can along its edge.

6. Shake the jar of your chosen powder while the lid is still secure. Pour your embossing powder on top of your stamped label. (make sure that you have a piece of plain paper underneath to catch all of the excess).

7. Pour the extra powder back into its jar and then activate the powder on your label with your heat tool.

8. Peel off the paper from the double sided tape that you already attached to the lid of your Embossing powder. Place your label onto the lid, face up, and press down with your finger to secure it there. 

Wala! you have one done!!!
Now, keep going.... you are doing great!

9. BONUS: watch the end of the video to see how I labeled my WOW! SPARKLES 😀.

Thank you for joining me today. 
I look forward to our next mixed media adventure together on March 19th.

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  1. This is a great idea Nicci so it is easier to see what each looks like on white and black card and can be seen at a glance. x


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