Saturday, 13 February 2021

Creating with COFFEE ~ by Nicci Battilana

Have you ever tried painting using your beverage as the medium?

In Today's Art Adventure we are doing just that. 
Go ahead and grab a cup of cold black coffee from the pot you made this morning. 

No, seriously, go get some and I will meet you right back here :) 

I'll wait ;)

You're back! Great!

For this adventure you will also require:
  • A round water brush (I used a #12)
  • paper towel
  • WOW! Embossing Pen
  • WOW! Embossing Pad
  • Letter Stamp Set (or you can hand write your letters)
  • WOW! Heating Tool
  • A Mix of pink, red, gold & dark blue embossing powders
  • black water resistant pens or markers (fine point)
  • Watercolour paper (I used my Stillman & Birn BETA Journal)

STEP #1: Begin by stamping or writing your 'ART CAFE' letters onto the top of you page with WOW! Embossing fluid.

STEP #2: Sprinkle on your 'IN THE NAVY' embossing powder, tap off the excess & heat set with your het tool as directed.

STEP #3: Apply your coffee in the same manner that you would if using watercolour paints. Make sure that you let it dry between coats to build up your colour layers. TIP: If you use coffee that has been saved in a clean mug for a couple of days, the colour will be darker than it is with fresh cold coffee. (Do not use coffee that has any additives, such as sugar or cream, etc.)

STEP #4: Apply some clean water around your embossed letters and then add your chosen watercolour. I used Cobalt Teal by QOR.

STEP #5: After you let the watercolour sit on your page for a couple of minutes, dab off the excess with a clean piece of paper towel or painting cloth.

STEP #6: Using your favourite water resistant black fine liners or pens, doodle overtop of your coffee painting to bring out some of the details.

STEP #7: You can now add in some extra embellishments into your coffee painting with your WOW! Embossing powders. I used 'Judith's Blush' on the characters cheeks, 'Diana's Love' in the hearts & toadstools, and 'Gitty's Power' on the March Hare & in the Red Queens hair.

STEP #8: With the Embossing Pen & 'Ulla's Cognac' I added a variety of hearts into the background.

STEP #9: Since we are in the Month of LOVE (Valentine's) I decided to add a large heart in the 'heart' of the coffee spiral with 'Diana's Love" along with one of the heart stamps from Marion Emberson's Stamp Set 'Layered Hearts'.

Thank you for joining me for a cup of coffee.

Keep smiling & creating, 

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Wow! PRODUCTS used in this video:
WOW! Embossing Powder: In the Navy WH61R(O)
WOW! Embossing Powder: RENKE Diana's Love WH58R(T)
WOW! Embossing Powder: RENKE Judith's Blush WH60R(T)
WOW! Embossing Powder: RENKE Gitty's Power WH59R(T)
WOW! Embossing Powder: RENKE Ulla's Cognac WL56X(TM)
WOW! Stamp Set 'Layered Hearts' #STAMPSET40

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  1. so fun, I'm going to share in the Coffee Loving Papercrafters FB group!


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