Sunday, 8 March 2020

A card for the men in your life!

Hi everyone
My first time back on the WOW! blog in what seems like a lifetime.
I have a card idea that is perfect to send to the men in your life!  I don't know about you, but I find men’s cards really hard and I think this is just perfect for men of any ages - young or old.
I have used 2 powders from Marion Emberson’s new Trio Italian Adventure and 1 of Joy Firth Young’s from her new Trio Dockside.  I'm absolutely loving all the new Trio’s - have you checked them out yet?  They are all stunning and work beautifully in their Trio’s, but also mixing a few different Trio’s together. The Alphabet dies and stars are from my Julie Hickey Designs range.

Let's get started! I cut 3 pieces of white card stock and wiped my WOW! Embossing Pad over one piece, ensuring I had all the card covered, then I sprinkled my chosen embossing powder all over it.  Tap the excess off onto paper and put it back in the pot. I warmed my heat tool up, I then started heating from underneath - a great tip when using glitter embossing powders as it helps to keep the glitter on your card.  Once my heat tool was warm I then heated from the front, watching carefully not to overheat the glitter powder.  It will twinkle more as it is heated and this is how you tell it is done.  Repeat this process for the other two colours of embossing powder.

Now I used a guillotine to cut all 3 embossed pieces into thin strips. They don't all have to be the same thickness a variety of sizes will work well.  I took a piece of photocopy paper, cut down to just a little larger than my 'happy' die letters. I used the dies above the piece of paper to ensure I had the right size piece of paper.

Start gluing the strips of embossed card at an angel across the photocopy paper.  I like to use wet glue, but you could also use tape runner, double sided tape of sheets of double sided stick - whichever you prefer.
Continue covering the photocopy paper, working down to the bottom left corner, placing the end of your strips close to the bottom edge. 
Now continue working across the piece of photocopy paper until it is all covered up.   
If you run out of strips, turn your piece over and trim off all the long pieces of embossed card.  You can now use these pieces to finish covering your photocopy paper. 

Once the whole piece is covered, turn over and trim away any overhanging pieces of embossed card.  

If you used wet glue, leave this to dry before die cutting. Once dry place your 'happy' die letters, evenly spaced on to your embossed panel and die cut the letters out.
You now have your die cut letters, the waste which you can also use for a card - just ensure you keep the little pieces from the "a" and the "p's" so that the waste piece will look right.
I like to cut 2 sets of 'happy' from card stock which I glue together and then add the top embossed letters.  This gives great dimension to your 'happy' and really makes it pop on your card.
A great tip is to use the waste from your die cutting to evenly space your letters across the front of your card.
Or you can place it underneath and use the edge to ensure the letters are straight on your card and evenly spaced.
I cut thin strips and added above and below my 'happy'. Using my Julie Hickey Designs Icon star die, die cut a selection of stars from all 3 embossed card stock.  Adhere to card, some using glue and some with foam pads.

Stamp and emboss Happy Birthday sentiment onto white card and trimmed to size.  To create banners from sentiment, firstly, find the centre of your strip and cut up into it.

Cut from the left outside edge into the centre and then from the right - you now have an even banner, repeat for the other end.
To attach your sentiment to our card, turn it upside down and position it just below your letters. You can now see where to position the foam pads, remove the backing paper and attach your sentiment to your card.

Finish your card with a few more stars around your sentiment.

How lovely do those embossed letters look? Why not try a different colour combination using different Trio Powders - Seth Apter's Cosmic and Metalz are wonderful for men's cards!.

If you would like to treat yourself to some of the new Trio's, or indeed anything from the WOW! website, just add my code at checkout: WOWDTJHI (capital i) and you will receive 10% off anything you buy from WOW! Enjoy!


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  1. What a great clear tutorial Julie, gorgeous card and colours.

    1. Thank You Mau - glad you thought the tutorial was easy to follow. Julie x

  2. The idea of making stripes using all three of your Dockside EP's is a great idea Julie and then the added strips top and bottom and the pretty stars and heat embossed fishtail banner sentiment all complement the 'happy' perfectly. A beautiful card. x

    1. Thank you Pat - glad you like my card idea. Julie x


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