Saturday, 23 November 2019

Stencil Emboss Resist by Jaine

All this month we've been talking emboss resist techniques and I'd like to show you one of my mixed media background favourites on this Christmas card.

As well as using stamps to create resist backgrounds I also like to use stencils. All you need is a sponge dabber or stencil brush to pounce the ink through the design to create a less formal background. It's less predictable than stamping but then that's part of the charm of mixed media.

 My favourite method of applying colour is with watercolour paints or spray inks. Here I used spray ink like watercolour by adding it to my craft mat and dipping the paper into it. Once dry it can be easily wiped from the embossing.

 To finish the card I added the stars embossed with Calypso Embossing Glitter as it contrasts well with the pinky shades of the background.

 Jaine x

1 comment:

  1. I love the pink and blue watercolour background Jaine, and the resist emboss stars sing out against it, and the Calypso glitter embossed stars and little heart are so bright and pretty over the top and love the sentiment too. x


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