Watercolour and Embossing Doodles by Jaine

I'm very inspired by watercolour abstract art and love to try and create my own mini artworks which can be used for cards or journal pages. I especially love pieces of art which involve doodling over watercolour and I thought this might be a cool way to use the new Refill and Freestyle Embossing Tool, by using it to doodle shapes.

To create this design I started with a piece of watercolour paper and drew a faint circle shape in pencil. I filled this shape with clean water then added drops of watercolour (I used ink sprays as the colours are so intense and rich) and watched the colour spread.

While the design is still wet, take a paintbrush and clean water and gently encourage the watercolour to leak out in places.

Dry this thoroughly then add doodles with the Embossing Tool. Add Embossing glitter and without melting it add more doodles until satisfied.Then heat the powder.

I finished off by embossing the word Sparkle and left it at that.

I absolutely love this tool, it's amazing!  A true must-have item in any tool box!



  1. This is very pretty Jaine and love the doodling and added embossing glitter. x

    1. Thank you Pat. It's such a usefull little tool to have for a spot of free embossing.

  2. Wow, this is gorgeous! The water coloring so so cool how you did it. So effective.

  3. I love this technique. It is pretty cool. I think I need to add the embossing tool to my stash!!


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