Can you hear the waves? - a jewelry set by Riikka Kovasin

Moikka! Riikka here again to share another guest project with embossing glitters! When I shared the journal page earlier this month, I promised another project that would be totally different. I hope I kept my promise! 

I used "Under the Sea" embossing glitter in these, which I also used in the journal. But the look is totally different because of the way I treated the powders. When I first started to think what I'd do for this month, I went through my embossing glitters searching for that first spark of inspiration. That came with two powders - the above mentioned "Under the Sea" as well as "Neptune". They both took my mind to underwater world and seashells. I had these cut shells in my craft table so I decided to try if I could fill the shells using embossing powders! It's kind of like you can now see the waves you can hear when you listen to a shell. 

I first heated some Melt-It powder and delicately poured it to the bottom of the shell, trying to seal it for the color layers coming on top. Some of the shells leaked the melted powder a little, but that's why I did it. Not to waste the colored powders but rather the see-through one! After that layer had cooled, I then started heating colored powders and adding them in. I deliberately overheated some of the opaque powders so that the white started showing. This to me reminds of the froth on top of the waves.

The last coat with the embossing glitters for the cone shaped shells I did differently. I actually poured the powder inside the shell and carefully heated it there so I got this look of sprays as the powder was blown with the breeze from the heat tool. 

When I then had my shells ready, I turned them into pieces of jewelry. I chose the two best cone shaped shells for a pair of earrings and the third best I added as the focal piece in an anklet. I added a silver ring to each shell and then paired them with some glass beads. 

While writing this, I've already worn the earrings but I'm really looking forward to use the anklet while strolling on a beach! 

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you feel inspired by my takes on embossing glitters! See you again in a few months!

Materials used in the jewelry: 


  1. Wow, very interesting and pretty pieces Riika and love those gorgeous blue tones and very clever of you to make this shell jewelry. x


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