Saturday, 6 April 2019

Pastel Eggs by Jaine

 With Easter coming up fast, my mind has turned to the decorating and as the theme this month is Pastels I thought how cute it would be if I decorated some eggs with stamped flowers. Of course there were two problems to overcome, the first was the crazy curved surface and my eggs are plastic so no direct heat embossing allowed!!

The answer to both these problems was to stamp and emboss onto tissue paper.

I roughly cut out the flower border, it doesn't have to be so precise as the tissue becomes almost invisible later.

I glued the tissue paper on with gel medium.

I found it easier to smooth it down with my finger than a paintbrush.

I also covered another egg with gel medium and added Sparkles glitter.

Go wild and alter some eggs this Easter.

Jaine x


  1. What a great idea Jaine and they look so pretty, and the tissue paper stamped and embossed and added is a wonderful idea, and love the gel medium you used covered with sparkles. x

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