Wednesday, 13 March 2019

A Serendipitous Moment! By Jaine

I had intended to create a very different blog post to the one I ended up with, but thanks to a bit of lateral thinking I came upon a happy surprise!

This is the foiled card I made first, very pretty in its own right. Stamped with a Pink and Main stamp called You Can Fly and foiled in Silver Foil. I could easily have left it there, but I looked at the little pile of discarded foils ( I do keep every scrap - like you do!) and the butterfly die and had one of those light bulb moments.

What if I took a piece of double sided sticky sheet, die cut the butterfly from it and applied the bits of foil randomly over the sticky surface?

As there were so many little bits in odd shapes, it created a crazy abstract pattern with the foils. I was liking it more and more.

I added another colour, simply pressing the foil down onto the sticky surface and pulling up. Just like a wax strip! Enough said!!

I kept on going, filling in the spaces until I could feel no more sticky. I was thrilled with the result. Quite by chance I found this little quote called Serendipity in my stash which said it all!

The crazy pattern is what I love about it.

I'm totally in love with this technique as it has so many other possibilities. Try making a positive and negative effect by capturing the negative left behind from a foiling session, or how about using a piece of acetate to stick one side of the sticky die cut to.

Of course let's not forget how I started out here. Equally as gorgeous but so very different. 

Try it, it's alot of fun.



  1. Two beautiful effects using the foil Jaine, but the second using up those bits of foil is certainly a great idea and a good way of getting the most out of every inch of foil, and the colours look great. Thank you for this wonderful idea and I will certainly give this a go. x

  2. Both cards are gorgeous!! I do love foiling and thanks to this post I know I can do random patterns and not just set patterns WooHoo lol, thanks for the inspiration.


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