Monday, 1 October 2018

Glittery Autumn Leaves By Jaine

It's October already and Autumn has well and truly kicked in. Here we still have sunshine but with the chilly nights and shorter days, the trees are showing their Autumn colours. I love this season for crafting as the colours are so rich and inspiration is everywhere.

For this project I cut some leaves on what I had to hand which just happened to be this Kraft cardstock. I wanted to work with Embossing Glitter but was unsure how well the glitter would hold up againsed the dark Kraft background but I was very pleasantly surprised.

I did find that some of the more translucent colours such as Sand Dunes, seen below, came out totally different on the Kraft than on plain white. You can see the contrast between the two is quite stark.

However, some of them came out better than I imagined. Hot Gossip on the right became a gorgeous, rich dark copper colour and Mermaid Tails on the left lost alot of the blue colour to leave only the gold flecks showing. 

 The results were so pretty, now I just needed a project to use them on.

After threading copper wire through small pierced holes, I used some of them to decorate this Storm Lantern which sits outside my front door.

For something a bit simpler and cleaner, I also decorated a white canvas with a few.

Why not have a play with embossing powders on different coloured backgrounds or make an Autumn leaf themed decoration? It's alot of fun.



  1. What a great idea Jaine as Autumn leaves are so pretty and the colours you have achieved with the EP's are fabulous. x

    1. Thank you Pat. I love Autumn crafting and if I can add glitter even better. X

  2. The leaves and your projects came out beautifully! I never thought about how the colors would differ on white or kraft or any other color, kind of a duh moment lol. No matter what color it's on I do love glitter :) Now my problem is that I must have all the colors you used in this post because they are my new favorites (at least for today hehe, I pretty much want all the colors). Thanks for sharing and the inspiration!

    1. Hi Mind, thank you for the kind words. Sometimes it's the obvious things which get overlooked. You're right though, glitter looks great on anything.


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