Heart Planner Clips And Charms by Jaine

 Hello there, it's Jaine here and I'm so excited to show you my project. I got quite carried away with it so there are lots of photos. You may need a cup of tea for this one!

Like a large number of people I'm a planner girl and anyone in the planner community will tell you that we do love our clips and charms. We change them as often as our socks sometimes.

When I first read that this months theme was Melt It I knew I wanted to make planner clips. I love making my own and this was an opportunity to make something a bit different.

I chose a few bright colours some with sparkles included in them and I think the results are so pretty.

For the dark heart charm I started out with a half teaspoon of Hot Gossip added to two teaspoons of Melt It powder.

To make my heart into a charm I needed a loop pin. If you can't find one of these in your craft store then it's easy to make one from a piece of wire. I made a little hook in the end to stop it from pulling out of the heart. In the other end I crafted a loop.

Once I'd melted the powders together, I added a small amount of Ebony and swirled it around with a cocktail stick and poured it into the mould.

While the mix was still molten in the mould I pushed in the pin. It takes a little bit of patience while you hold it there and for the heart to set. I got so carried away I forgot to take a photo of the pin inside but I think you get the idea. The result was this beautiful dark red glassy heart with the black swirls enclosed.

Now with a pin inserted I could add the rest of the charm elements.

It looks so classy on the front of my Travelers Notebook.

Of course I didn't stop there and made this gorgeous turquoise version on a clip. I think it looks like a boiled sweet.

I also made a pink one and here I can show you how I inserted the paperclip. The lid of this tin was the perfect height to rest the clip on while the heart cooled. I saved a little drop of molten liquid by to go over the top of the clip just to bury it deeper.

If you need to bring the shine back as I did on my heart, just wave the heat tool over it for a few seconds and the shine will come back again. Don't hold the heat over it for too long  though as you'll melt the shape.

I'm extreemly proud of my clips and charm and I can see myself becoming hooked on making these things in all colours.

I hope you enjoyed my post and it inspires you to make clips and charms.

Jaine x


  1. I never thought of putting paper clips or wire in the melted EP! I can't wait to try and make some of these charms...
    And the black and red is stunning by the way!

    1. You need a little patience while pushing things into the molten liquid while it hardens but its not difficult. The dark one is my favourite. X

  2. What great ideas using the Melt It Jaine, and the colours are all extremely pretty, but I think my favourite is the turquoise. x

    1. Thank you Pat. The turquoise is very pretty.


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