Thursday, 20 November 2014

WOW! organization

Hello all, Nataliya is here :)
Today I want to show you how I made a palette of my powders collection .
It's very simple! I marked all the covers in cans using this same powder :)

I took ink for embossing, make a print, sprinkle it with powdered and melted it.

Now I always know what color of powder in the can, how looks glitter, transparent color or not, and all the other properties of powder :)

My little army :)

,Have a nice day!


  1. I'd love to have an army like that ;)
    I do this with my glitter frosting pastes.. Very helpful indeed! ;) x

  2. I never thought to emboss on the lids I did use a circle and embossed that and stuck it under the your shows the true colours so smart :)

  3. That a great was of making use of the lid.

  4. Yes, very good. I use this idea with all my products like paint, H20'S, etc. Tfs.


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