Yummy Yucky Peasoup

Hello there! It's Riikka here again this time with a very green creation! Almost from winter to spring, compared to my previous page! 

I do most of my pages about my two girls. Or maybe I should say used to do most of my pages about them as I've been really focused on making pages about myself lately. It's partly because I realized how little I know about my mom before she became a mom and partly because a workshop I took called "My Details". So I've been documenting memories and little details about myself that just have popped into my mind. Those that might not come up in any conversation that together paint a picture of me. This page is one of those "popped" subjects.

As a little child I really disliked pea soup. It was yucky looking green mash and the taste wasn't that great either. But every now and then we had it anyway either in our family or in my grandmother's and I tasted some and then filled my tummy with bread. 

Slowly though I came accustomed to the taste and while in elementary school I actually had accustomed to the taste so much that I listed pea soup as my favorite food! Not the pizzas and burgers my peers wrote but pea soup! I guess the pancakes that were the usual dessert in school after pea soup played some part in the story, but still. 

I started the layout by adding Glimmer Glaze to the background paper and then adding Embossing Glitters to the sticky surface. After embossing those I added another embossed layer by using a circular stencil. I imagined the different sized circles would resemble peas. 

It seemed that the background still lacked something so I added yet another embossed layer. This time I used glue as the sticky substance to hold the powder in place. I squeezed the glue bottle very lightly and made thin circles with it moving the nozzle slowly around the page. On top of the glue I then sprinkled the embossing powder and then heated it. The outcome isn't as smooth as using embossing ink, but it makes a great little dimensional detail to the page. 

So you don't always have to use embossing ink to get your powder to stuck on a project! With this project I encourage you to experiment with different adhesives and also document yourself! Those might be just the pages you and your family will cherish later!

Thank you for your time! Wishing you a lovely day!

WS56 Sensational Sage WS60R Mint Mojito WJ03 Olive WM05 Pastel Yellow WK09 Sunny Yellow

Who am I? I'm a Finnish mixed media style scrapbooker who has been doing pages since 2009. Scrapbooking layouts are my passion, but I also enjoy doing canvases, cards and ATCs. Sometimes I even challenge myself with minialbums. You can visit my blog here (link) and also find me on several social medias like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You are welcome to take a look! Hugs, Riikka


  1. love your layout Riikka and your encouragement to use different adhesive instead of versamark


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