Time to create something pretty

I live in Sweden and I don't know where you all are but here it's really hot and very nice weather at the moment. I love the summer, everything is so relaxed and we start to get some lazy habits. I have a real problem getting to the scrap room to create, I just want to lay somewhere with a good book. But when I make myself sit down to create something it comes out in all kinds of unexpected ways, like the boring part of the brain is on vacation and are not paying attention anymore. So, I sat down to create for this months post and all I could think was: It's time to create something petty... And well, that's what I did. I just grabbed a canvas saved for a moment like that and spelled the words out with some left over chipboard letters.

I used Gesso to cover the letters and then I just sprayed some random mists in pretty colors over it all. Before it was completely dry I lightly sprinkled some Neutral Ultra Shimmer embossing powder over the whole surface and heated it to make the background shimmer. I also used an embossing pen to cover the words create and pretty, and the wooden starbursts, and then covered them in the same lovely glitter embossing powder. I also stamped around the background with a couple of the background stamps in colors close to the background and embossed parts with Vintage Champagne to give it all a bit of a shabbier look. I draw on top of the letters to make them stand out a bit. Actually I went a bit crazy and this was nothing like the picture I had in my head but I really like it because it's very playful. I hope you like it!

Take care/

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