Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Three Graces- Metallic Art Dolls!

I'm really excited to be sharing my first DT project today, so thrilled to be part of the WOW team!

The theme this month is metal....and being typically indecisive, it was hard to choose WHICH metal to go for. So I decided to choose three...... my 'Three Graces'!
I made three Art Dolls, in gold, silver and copper. LOADS of WOW powders involved, as you might imagine, using a few different techniques!
I'll give you a closer look at each one. First up, my antiqued silver 'melancholy' doll:
My main aim with this project was to show how you don't need loads of different powders to achieve different looks. It's lovely to have plenty of choice, but sometimes that isn't possible! 99% of my embossing powder use today is very simple, just Black Ultra High. The silver, gold and copper colour comes from taking just a little metallic paint on your fingertip, and gently rubbing it over the surface of the cold embossing powder. For the cube 'bodies' of the Art Dolls, I created 5 square embossed panels. Each panel was triple embossed with the black powder, then had a stamp pressed into it whilst the powder was still molten. For the antique silver doll, I used the De Vine stamp...
I rubbed silver paint over the panels, then glued them together to form a cube. The sixth side was left as a plain bit of chipboard, as this is the side that sits on the stand!
My copper 'mystery' doll:
This is my shortest doll, and she has a wooden spool as her stand. The other two dolls have small wooden candlesticks. All three stands were painted black, then had paint rubbed over them. I also added a little wire wrapped around the stands, to add to the metal feel!
The copper doll had the Cracked Leather stamp pressed into the panels...
The wings for each doll are petal shapes cut from an old book page. Each doll has colour coordinated dots on her wings, these were done using an embossing pen and Super Fine powder in copper (and silver and gold!) The doll faces were cut from collage sheets, then adorned with a crown, again created from black ultra high powder, with rubbed in paint for colour!
My gold 'whisper' doll:
I used the Sexi-Hexi stamp for the panels in this doll....
The embellishment on the front of each doll was created using the heart mould. Again, black powder was used, with paint to colour it once cold...
I glued headpins (used in making jewellery) behind the hearts, and a cut out word to the front to complete the look.
I really enjoyed making these, I hope you like them too!

See you next month with another WOW project!
love Trish xxx


  1. Trish! I love how unique and recognizable your style is :) I also love how crisp that triple embossing is. Well done, the Graces look gorgeous!

  2. this is amazing trish. wow - fabulous work xx

  3. This is just so kewl love how they all turned out the hearts are just wonderful touches on each :)

  4. Wow! I think that's the only word for it! These are absolutely stunning, I'm really gonna have to try this triple embossing technique - those impressions are amazing :)

  5. Oh Trish... Wow!! No pun intended, honest.
    I wouldn't need to be told these amazing cube dolls are created from your imagination - I would so love to sit & watch you 'do your thing' (don't panic, I live down South, lol)... Brilliant creations!! Congrats again on your dt post! :))

  6. Absolutely brilliant!!! Great use of the head pins Trish!
    Alison x

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  9. so many details to look at...they are just fantastic!!!!

  10. Absolutely fabulous ! Love the metallic look !


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