Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wouldn't You!

Hi Everyone

This month over at WOW HQ  is wood

One of my favoriate techniques is the 'faux' wood effect on your cardstock.

Firstly, you paint acrylic paint onto a piece of card as the base, I chose brown.  Then you heat blast it to dry it off.  You then paint on some petroleum jelly (Vaseline), the cheapest you can get, not too thick, in areas on the card. Then over the top of this a further acrylic paint colour, I chose green. 

You then heat over the top of this.  The oil in the Vaseline does not allow the paint to bond and so you then rub with a piece of kitchen cloth in the areas you put the Vaseline.  The paint comes off, leaving you with the underlying colour and it looks like peeled paint on wood.

I then used the 'Make a wish' stamps Versamark and ebony embossing powder to add the picture onto the cardstock.

You can use lots of different colour options for this and each time it is a different effect.

Have a great time trying this.....Sue


  1. ah so faux wood is okay then! Great technique xx

  2. Wow - must try this - thanks for the tutorial! x


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