Friday, 6 December 2013

Family Circle 1901

'Family Circle 1901' by Neil Burley

This is my take on the Family Project theme this month - my great great grandparents with their eight children. A family portrait photograph was taken in 1901, and I have used close up images of each of the family to create the miniatures. Any metal jewellery blank with a bezel edge can be used for this. The 'glass' domes on each miniature are made from WOW! Clear Gloss UH, with the hearts and roses made from a custom molten embossing powder mix featuring the new WOW! Rainbow Black embossing glitter. The background features the WOW! Brocade stamp as well as WOW! White Pearl embossing powder. This is my last post as part of the WOW! Design Team - I do hope you have enjoyed my projects over the last two years and that you have been inspired in your crafting journey :)

You will need:
WOW! Melt-It powder (approx. 1/3rd of a jar)
WOW! Primary Ebony embossing powder
WOW! Rainbow Black embossing glitter
WOW! White Pearl embossing powder
WOW! Clear Gloss Ultra High embossing powder (160ml jar)
WOW! Brocade clear stamp
WOW! Heart silicone mould
WOW! Leaf silicone mould
WOW! Tea Rose silicone mould
Clear embossing ink (e.g. Versamark)
Heat tool

You will also need:
Picket Fence Distress Stain, Harlequin stencil, card stock for background, matte multi-medium, Pinflair gel glue.

  1. I used some jewellery blanks that I obtained from eBay - there are lots to choose from! Clip off the hanging loops with wire cutters if necessary and file down the stumps. Cut out your photos to fit and stick down to the blank with matte multi-medium. Cover the photo with multi-medium as well to seal it and stop the molten powder seeping into it.
  2. Work over a non-stick craft sheet. Melt several tablespoons of Clear Gloss UH (guidance here) and carefully pour over the photo until it domes. This is tricky and does take practice - pour into the centre and try to stop just before you think you need to. Ensure the molten powder is really liquid to help avoid pouring artefacts. If it all goes horribly wrong, heat the 'mess' with a heat tool until all the powder runs off the blank onto your craft sheet - allow to cool, chip off the run-off and re-melt and re-pour.
  3. Repeat until all the miniatures are glazed. Set aside to cool completely.
  4. Mix one third of a jar of Melt-It powder with half a small jar of Ebony, and a generous sprinkle of Rainbow Black embossing glitter. Heat until molten and then pour into each of the moulds (again making sure the liquid is hot and free flowing). Leave to cool, turn out and repeat until you have all the moulded items you require. To get  a glossy finish on moulded items, just waft the heat tool over the surface until glossy - take care not to overheat and cause edges to slump.
  5. Working on the background card, firstly print the Brocade pattern over the whole area by smearing Picket Fence Distress Stain over the stamp and stamping it in a repeat across the page. Dry off with the heat tool.
  6. Place the Harlequin stencil over the background and stamp through with the clear embossing ink through some areas to have a distressed finish. Remove the stencil, cover with White Pearl embossing powder, tap off the excess and heat set.
  7. Assemble using the Pinflair gel glue - this is a reliable glue that manages to stick both metal and embossing powder mouldings. I used a 9x9 inch Ribba frame from Ikea.


  1. Great project, Neil. Love the harlequin embossed background!

  2. it's a lovely project. love the vintage feel of it xx


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