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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Star Tags

Stars and glitter,  a marriage made in heaven....... so to speak! These mixed media tags are made from die cut stars in different sizes, pearls re-purposed from an old jumper, wire and also fun fur and paper elements.
Cut length of wire and thread pearls or beads onto the wire, loop the wire around the pearl and feed it through the hole again to fix it in place.

Emboss your stars with sparkly WOW embossing powder of your choice, sandwich some wire between two stars and glue together.

I have used:
for the turquoise stars: St.Lucia Surf from the fabulous Caribbean Jewels Kit I have used it so much, it is nearly empty :(
The silver stars: Metallic Silver Sparkle This powder works very well when you have a lot of pieces and want to melt them all together in the oven.

Uses for these tags:
- as gift tags they make a present extra special and, in my experience, are kept for a long time by the receiver
- Christmas tree ornaments
- as a gift in itself, just add a nice quote like:

To be a star, 
you must shine your own light, 
follow your own path, 
and don't worry about the darkness, 
for that is when the stars shine brightest.  

I hope you have fun making these little tags.
Doris from

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