Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Re-vamped Stained Glass Mirror

Hi All

For this month's project of "Stars and Stripes" I re-vamped an old Stained Glass Mirror that I made ages ago. I added two stripes of double sided tape to the sides of the mirror, and then placed WoW Foils in Gold and Dark Blue over the top onto the tape.

I then added melted WoW Melt It Embossing Powder with Metallic Gold Rich Embossing Powders, Melt It Powder to St. Lucia Surf Powder from the Caribbean Jewels Set and Melt It Powder to Met. Gold Rich and Kalahari from the Desert Sands Set of powders - and poured each mixture in turn into some small star moulds.  When cool I added these stars to the corners of the mirror to decorate.

I love changing the crafts Iv'e made into something new and something that will match my home decor.

Take a look around your home and see what you could alter using the WoW powders. There are so many colours to choose from, some with sparkle included and some without.

 There is even a Glow in the Dark  powder just right for Halloween.

Product used:
Metallic Gold Rich Powder
Melt It Powder
Desert Sands collection - Kalahari
Caribbean Jewels collection - St Lucia Surf

WoW Foils - Bright Gold
                   - Dark Blue

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