Sunday, 4 August 2013

A window made of glass???

Art Deco is really such a beautifull and fine art!
I was totaly inspired my the wonderfull glas images in windows. They are so typical for Art Deco.
I remember a glas window I have seen years ago in an old Art Deco house here in my hometown Vienna / Austria. It was a window of a room with an indoor pool and decorated with flowers ducks and waterlilies. If I have seen it the first time I could not stop looking at it and find all that fab details.

That´s why I made this card for our Art Deco Challenge. 
I have used WOW! Embossing Powders in:

...and WOW! Embossing Glitter in :

Yes, this are much powders but they make such a fantastic look tougether.

This month our Challengetheme is Art Deco and we can´t wait to see what you have created with your powders.

Have a lovely day!
xx Bianca


  1. How did you get the fine lines? Did you use a pen? Gefällt mir!

    1. Hi Doris!

      Danke für deine lieben Worte! ;o)

      For the fine lines I have used just an empossing pen and the Ebony Powders. I have done the lines after all other colors and empossed it in 3 layers wile I stick papertape on the parts of the card I don´t want black. I need nearly 6 hours for it but I love the effect and I think it was worth the hard work ;o)



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